Our Weekly Breakfast Plan (Save Time + Money!)

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Our Weekly Breakfast Plan (Save Time + Money)

What’s for breakfast?

Back in the olden days before we had kids, Kevin and I used to spend up to an hour making breakfast sometimes in the mornings. Well, we used to spend about two minutes because we used to eat cereal every morning, but now that we are doing a more whole foods style approach to eating, cereal is no longer a staple in our house. Sad face.

Once we made the switch, we made lots of pretty involved breakfasts. They were delicious, but they were time-consuming. Now that we have two kiddos to attend to in the morning (who do NOT want to wait an hour for their food!) Even as a stay-at-home-mom, I do not want to be in the kitchen all morning. So, now, we eat pretty much the same breakfasts each week. We don’t eat the same thing every single day, but we have a weekly plan and follow pretty much the same pattern every week. It really saves my sanity. There is only so much room in your brain and knowing exactly what we need at the store and how to cook it, is one more thing off my plate. You can even use my handy meal planner to write out your meals for the week!


Today, I want to share that plan with you…

It has helped us save a ton of time cooking breakfast each week and a few dollars at the grocery store, too. How do they save time and money?

TIME: A lot of these meals can be prepped over the weekend, which is what I do, and the others come together pretty quickly so no prep ahead of time is necessary. We live by the rule of Lazy Sundays around here as often as possible, so we always make something fun on Sundays like Waffles or French Toast. It takes a little longer, but we have a little more time to spare on the weekends.

MONEY: First off, if you go into the grocery store with a plan, you are guaranteed to spend less money than if you just wander around picking up everything that looks good. Also, nothing goes to waste. We buy what we need and use it all up by the end of the week. We used to throw out so much produce because we just didn’t have a plan for it when we bought it.

Without further ado, here is how we do breakfast…

Monday & Tuesday:

Every Sunday, I make a pan of my Chorizo Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole. For adults, it makes about six servings, but our kids are little enough that they usually share a slice, so it lasts us two mornings. When it was just Kevin and I, it lasted three mornings, which was awesome! We always serve this with sliced or mashed avocado. We make it with the most amazing local chorizo from GrassCorp (if you are in Southern Indiana, you can order from them online).

Our Weekly Breakfast Plan - Save Time + Money with these healthy, delicious meals!


On Wednesdays, we eat sandwiches (get the Mean Girls reference?) This is a super simple meal so there is no prep required. Just toast some bread, smear with mashed avocado, and top with eggs and bacon. We use 100% whole grain Ezekiel Bread or gluten free bread. Sometimes we leave the avocado out and make it on cinnamon raisin bread so it’s a little sweet and a little salty. 😉

Our Weekly Breakfast Plan - Save Time + Money with these healthy, delicious meals!

Thursday & Friday

This salad is another great meal for prepping on the weekends! This Turkey Breakfast Salad with Maple Dijon Dressing will be in my upcoming book, 4 Weeks to Wellness, so I can’t share the recipe just yet, but it’s a pretty easy one. I cook the turkey and chopped sweet potatoes on Sunday and then just add the spinach, tomatoes, avocado, and eggs when we are ready to eat. The dressing can be made ahead of time, too, because it is good on any kind of salad. I double the recipe from the book so we will have enough for two days.

Our Weekly Breakfast Plan - Save Time + Money with these healthy, delicious meals!


Saturday is “use it all up” omelette day in our house. 🙂 Whatever veggies still need to be used up get thrown into an omelette. Sometimes I add bacon or deli meat if we have any of that leftover, too. Most of the time, we do bell peppers, spinach, bacon, and tomatoes. Sometimes we do broccoli. It really all just depends on what needs to be used up so we don’t let it go bad – a great way to save money on food!
Our Weekly Breakfast Plan - Save Time + Money with these healthy, delicious meals!


Sunday is almost always waffle day, although we will sometimes do French toast or pancakes. I’m a waffle girl, though, for sure. These Whole Wheat Honey Waffles with Mixed Berry Chia Syrup are a staple. I also have a BRAND NEW waffle recipe that’ll be in 4 Weeks to Wellness. This one will be Spice Waffles with Sautéed Apple Syrup; absolutely perfect for fall! When you make these waffles, you could always double or even triple the recipe and freeze some for later in the week. We’ll often use the leftovers as “bread” for breakfast sandwiches or Avery’s peanut butter and jelly at lunch.

Our Weekly Breakfast Plan - Save Time + Money with these healthy, delicious meals!

Well, there you have it! I would love to know how you do breakfast in your home. I like having a routine, but I love to switch things up every so often so if you have a recipe you love, I would love to see it!

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