The Domestic Man’s Paleo Takeout – Healthy Makeovers of Your Favorite Takeout Meals without the Junk!

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The most difficult thing about Russ Crandall’s Paleo Takeout is choosing which recipe to make first! Seriously. As I flipped through this book I wanted to make each and ever recipe I saw. His photography is beautiful and the way he transforms typical takeout meals into healthy, delicious recipes is truly astounding. You may know Russ from The Domestic Man (P.S. – many more tasty recipes over there).

Russ’ book is broken down into Chinese, Japanese, Southeast Asian and American meals, as well as all of the sauces, condiments and sides to accompany them. The first thing I looked for was my absolute favorite Korean dish, Bibimbap and guess what…it’s in there. Some of the meals, like the Bibimbap require a trip to the Asian market for all of the ingredients, but some, like the Chicken Tikka Masala that I made last week for dinner, you probably have all the ingredients for already!

I wasn’t sure how the Chicken Tikka Masala would turn out because I am used to what I’ve ordered at Indian restaurants in the past, which are made with a lot of heavy cream. This recipe used Greek yogurt (you can sub in coconut yogurt) and coconut milk. The sauce was perfect and just what I was hoping for. I may or may not have set off the smoke alarm trying to grill the chicken on our stovetop grill pan, but that isn’t Russ’ fault. 🙂 That’s just how you know dinner is ready!

Chicken Tikka Masala from Paleo Takeout

This would be a really great book to add to your collection, especially for those occasions when you are really craving a pizza (yes, there is pizza) or your favorite Chinese takeout, or if you are having friends over and want to make them something special. I give Paleo Takeout “two chopsticks up”!

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  1. Baughman Family

    I started following a Paleo diet two years ago for health reasons and turned my life around. I have been slipping into some bad habits lately due to boredom so I am looking forward to checking this book out for inspiration.

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