Tarah’s Favorite Things – August 2017

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Summer is almost over. Sad face. I’ll miss the long, sunny days with nowhere to be and lots of time at the zoo or the splash park with my boys. To be honest, I am enjoying the cooler mornings around here, but I love summertime. It must be the Florida girl in me. Avery has already started back to pre-school three days a week so we are settling back into our school year routine. While I like the laid-back vibe of summer, I do enjoy the structure of the school year. Norrin usually naps while Avery is in school so I have a little bit of built in work time. Today I am using that time to share some of my favorite finds this month with you – stuff to read, stuff to cook with, stuff to wear – pretty much whatever I’ve been loving on most this month. So, here we go…


Vina 2 in 1 Salt and Pepper Grinder

My mom gifted us some really nice salt and pepper grinders for Christmas five or six years ago and we finally broke one of them. We ground our own salt using a mortar and pestle, but that is a lot harder than it sounds. We were browsing Amazon for new grinders when we came across this 2 in 1 grinder for only $10.99! It works really well and it is so convenient to have the salt and pepper in one place. It is definitely one of my current favs!

Tarah's Favorite Things - What I'm reading, eating, and loving lately!

FatWorks Grass Fed Beef Tallow

The kind folks at Fatworks offered to send me one of their fats to try out. It was tough to choose, but I went with the grass fed beef tallow and I am in love. I have been using it for all kinds of cooking, including these roasted potatoes that I plan to share on the blog this week or next. They are literally the crispiest, most delicious roasted potatoes I have ever made!

Tarah's Favorite Things - August 2017 - The BEST Roasted Potatoes Ever

I also made this amazing Whipped Tallow Body Butter and it is my new favorite lotion. I’ve been using it every day and my skin feels so soft. It smells great, too. I used tea tree and rosemary essential oils to make mine, but you can use any of your favorite skin-friendly oils. You’ve got to try it!
Tarah's Favorite Things - August 2017 - Whipped Tallow Body Butter

Goodbye Detergent! Spaghetti Scrubs

We’ve been using these dish scrubbies for years instead of sponges. Sponges just really gross me out after a while. And I love that these are made from natural corn cobs and peach pits (so cool)! These scrubs work really well, but they are gentle enough that they won’t scratch your pots and pans. We finally bought the kit that came with a little suction cup holder so we have somewhere to keep them.

Tarah's Favorite Things - August 2017 - Goodbye Detergent! Spaghetti Scrubs

Tessemae’s Salad Kits

I’ve been seeing these salad kits from Tesseame’s all over Instagram, so I was super happy when I saw them at our local Kroger. I picked up the Sesame Ginger Green and the Sweet Kale Crunch. They were both awesome! We ate them before a day outside hiking and playing so I added a little more protein with some tuna we had in the house. They are made with organic ingredients (they all have organic chicken for the protein), dressing, and crunchy toppings. If you try any of the other ones I’d love to know what you think.

Tarah's Favorite Things - August 2017 - Tessemae's Salad Kits

Loving Yourself and Giving Diet Culture the Boot

I just can’t stop sharing about self-acceptance lately. I wrote a blog post about learning to love my post-baby body and throwing out the notion that you have to “get your body back.” I am growing to hate that term because, first of all, there is not one way that bodies are meant to look. The notion that we all are meant to have flat tummies and visible abs is so ridiculous. Second, new moms have enough to worry about without worrying about whether the way their body looks or the amount of exercise they are doing or what they choose to eat for dinner is going to help them meet some made up standard of beauty. Can you tell I’m still a little worked up about this?

Tarah's Favorite Things - August 2017 - You Don't Have to Get Your Body Back

Even after my blog post, I had more to say, so I wrote a post for POPSUGAR all about the messaging women are hit with every single day telling us how to “get our body back” after having a baby. For anyone trying to sell women wraps or shakes or telling women to stop making excuses and start losing their baby belly, I have a message for you – “Stop Telling Me to ‘Get My Body Back'”. Okay? Thanks.

Thrive: finding happiness the Blue Zones Way

I picked this book up from the library earlier this week after hearing Dan Buettner on The Ultimate Health Podcast. Dan’s research centers on the areas of the globe with the world’s happiest, longest-living populations. He finds the commonalities between these cultures and shares them with us; everything from the foods they eat, how they exercise, how they interact with their families, and more. I can’t wait to dig in and learn more and figure out how I can work some of these practices into our lives.

Tarah's Favorite Things - August 2017 - Thrive Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way

I joke (well I’m actually kind of serious) with Kevin all the time about finding somewhere in the world with no technology where we could live a simpler life and focus on being together with family, living off the land, and letting go of all the things we think are so important in modern society, that really aren’t important at all. I’m sure I am romanticizing this lifestyle just a bit, but maybe this book (and Dan’s other books) have a few secrets to help make us happier and healthier right where we are.

Yummy New Breakfast Recipes!

We needed a big breakfast when my brother-in-law and sister-in-law cam to town a few weeks back and while I was searching, this recipe from Fed & Fit randomly popped up in my Instagram feed. I immediately knew I wanted to try it and we all loved it. The squeeze of lime juice and sprinkling of cilantro really give it a burst of flavor after the chorizo and veggies cook. Next time we make this, I think I’ll top it with a fried egg, too!Tarah's Favorite Things - August 2017 - Fed & Fit Chorizo Sheet Pan Breakfast

I also shared our own weekly breakfast plan on the blog this week. I could never eat the same thing every single day, but having different dishes every day, but the same ones each week frees my limited brain power up to think about other things. 🙂 I can make most of these recipes without even looking at the recipe anymore and I do most of the prep on the weekend, so it is all very manageable.


As always, I love to hear from you guys, too! What are you loving on lately? Any favorite meals that you prep ahead of time for busy weeks? Any favorite Amazon finds? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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