PinkBlush – clothing you can wear through pregnancy, nursing, and beyond!

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I can’t remember exactly how I originally found PinkBlush clothing, but I imagine it was during the countless hours I spent on the couch nursing Norrin when he was first born. Yes, in those first few weeks I pretty much lived in my pajamas, but I knew that eventually I’d want some cute nursing clothes. You know, in case I decided to leave the house or something. 🙂

Pink Blush Maternity - Maternity Clothes for Pregnancy, Nursing & Beyond

I was super excited when I stumbled upon PinkBlush because they have an entire section for maternity clothes that transition to nursing. And they are all cute enough that I can totally see myself wearing them even after my nursing days are through! I have already bought a couple of dresses that don’t even look like nursing dresses because you can simply pull the top down for easy access to nursing. I already wore the wrap dress to a wedding that Norrin attended with me and it was really easy for us to sneak in a couple of nursing sessions at the reception. The black maxi is going to be one of my summertime staples! Is it bad that I am already thinking of warm weather when it isn’t even winter yet?

Pink Blush Maternity - Maternity Clothes for Pregnancy, Nursing & Beyond

For the purpose of this review (and the giveaway I am running over on Instagram) PinkBlush graciously sent me this top so I could try out one of their shirts, too. I chose this Maternity/Nursing Long Sleeve Top in Purple because it is the perfect color for fall and it is long enough to wear with jeans or leggings (i.e. it covers my bootie). 🙂 This shirt is super soft and comfy and it is a great transition piece because it is long enough to cover your baby belly during pregnancy, but it looks cute as a nursing top, too.

 - Maternity Clothes for Pregnancy, Nursing & Beyond

Nursing Norrin in this top (and the dresses) is so simple. He is still at that age where when he is hungry he wants to eat RIGHT. NOW. 🙂 so I like that there isn’t much to fidget with. As far as sizing goes, I am between a small and a medium in most clothes and all of my PinkBlush pieces are small with plenty of room to grow. They have awesome customer service, though, and provide free shipping on exchanges so if you get a size that doesn’t work for you, you can easily get the right fit. They also have a really helpful sizing guide on their site.


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