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I am so grateful that I started following a Paleo way of eating before I got pregnant! I was able to eat a healthy diet that supported my growing baby and felt good knowing I was consuming all of the nutrients that were important for his growth and development during such an important time. So, of course, I had to share my Paleo pregnancy with the world to help others who are on the same journey. Below are some of the blog posts I wrote during my pregnancy - everything from healthy craving swaps to an alternative to the glucose tolerance test for gestational diabetes.

I LOVE talking about pregnancy and parenting - if you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Morning Sickness

How to Handle Cravings and Aversions

Craving Swaps

Important Nutrients During Pregnancy

What I Eat in a Day

Gestational Diabetes - Oral Glucose Tolerance Test Alternatives

>>Pregnancy and Parenting
My Favorite Pregnancy Resources

Preparing for Our New Arrival

New Mom Meals - Freezer, Crock Pot and Quick Meals

My Favorite Baby Products

My Favorite Baby Apps

Traveling with an Infant

A Day in the Life of a Stay At Home Mom

Our Journey with Introducing Solids: Successes and Failures with Baby Led Weaning and Purees

Our Journey with Introducing Solids: Purees and Baby Led Weaning Part II

>>My Pregnancy and Birth Recaps
First Trimester Recap

Second Trimester Recap

Third Trimester Recap

Baby A's Birth Story

Birth Plan vs. Birth Reality

Why I Love My Post Baby Body

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