Our Journey With Introducing Solids: Purees and Baby Led Weaning Part II

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Chicken makes this baby happy!
If you read my first post on our adventures with introducing solids, you know that things didn’t exactly go according to plan. Such is life with babies, though, right? We tried the Baby Led Weaning thing around six months, but Baby A just wasn’t into it. We decided to try purees instead and he did much better. Baby A is ten months now so it’s time for a little update on how our journey is going…

Mr. Independent has to hold the spoon himself.

Once Baby A was totally comfortable with purees, I tried preparing them to be chunkier so he could get used to foods with more texture. I still mashed his banana and avocado, but tried to leave some bigger pieces. I still fed him from the spoon and would put a few big pieces on his tray at the end of his meal. He would play with it, push it around and pick it up, but wouldn’t try to put it in his mouth. If I picked up the pieces and put them in his mouth, though, he gobbled them right up!

These are a few of the soft foods I was feeding him:
  • Mashed banana
  • Mashed avocado
  • Applesauce
  • Egg yolk mixed with water
  • Steamed vegetables pureed with water
  • Organic canned pumpkin
  • Leftover soup
  • Mashed sweet potato
Enjoying some leftover butternut squash soup.
Around nine months, I knew that I wanted to move Baby A toward eating the same foods that I was eating because I definitely don’t plan to prepare separate meals for him forever. 🙂 If I made casserole for breakfast, I would set aside a little bit of the pulled pork or ground meat to feed Baby A and I would pick out pieces of sweet potato or squash from the cooked casserole so he could taste them. He even tried some of my sauerkraut! I still had to put them in his mouth so I fed him these things alongside the purees and soft foods he was already eating because I mostly just wanted to get him used to them and introduce him to some new flavors and textures. 
Mama and baby breakfast time!

At this time I also introduced a sippy cup of water with meals. It took him a few weeks to figure out what the cup was for and how to get water out of it, but I would just fill it up and let him play with it at the end of every meal while I cleaned up. Eventually, he figured it out.

He loves his sippy cup!

Now that Baby A is ten months old, he is finally attempting to feed himself. We eat breakfast and lunch at the table together so he gets solids twice a day. He is getting most of his nutrition from breastfeeding so I am still treating this as a time for him to learn about food. Most mornings, I give him some of my avocado (because I literally have avocado with breakfast every single day), pureed veggies and applesauce or mashed banana. Then I’ll throw some food on his tray and let him have his way with it. He still mostly picks it up and passes it back and forth from one hand to the other, but more and more often everyday he is trying to put the pieces of food into his mouth instead of me doing it for him. I won’t have to be his mama bird forever. 🙂

Learning about pulled pork.
These are a few of the finger foods we’ve tried:
  • Slow cooked pulled pork
  • Shredded chicken
  • Ground beef
  • Ground lamb
  • Ground sausage
  • Butternut squash cubes
  • Roasted carrots
  • Sauerkraut
  • Paleo pancakes
  • Steamed spinach
Everybody loves pancakes!

I have a bunch of other foods on my list to try now that Baby A is getting interested in feeding himself. So far his favorites are definitely banana and applesauce. He loves meat, too! He makes funny faces for avocado sometimes, but he still eats all of it.

So you are saying I can eat these green leaves?

As I mentioned, my eventual goal is to just feed Baby A exactly what I am eating and we are getting there. I am in no hurry for him to move completely to solids and I am happy to continue our nursing relationship as long as he wants. Watching him learn about food is tons of fun, though! And I love that we sit at the table as a family (Kevin eats breakfast with us in the morning before work) because I think it is really important to have that time together as a family.

What were some of your baby’s favorite (or least favorite) first foods?

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