Oh, Baby – Weeks 26-29

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Oh, Baby - 26-29 Week Update

Baby Updates

Sorry to be lumping so many weeks into one update, but it’s been quite a month. I spent week 25 getting ready for our Italy trip, most of 26 and 27 in Italy, and 28 and 29 trying to readjust to the real world. As far as baby updates, I’ll focus mainly on Week 29. Baby is Almost 3 whole pounds! I only have about two months left and I am more than ready to meet this baby. I know it needs to put on a few more pounds still, though. 🙂 I haven’t had an appointment since 24 weeks–my last appointment had to be rescheduled because the electricity in my midwife’s office went out on the day of my last appointment. I can feel actual baby parts pushing against me sometimes, though. I can feel an arm or a leg pushing against my belly if I feel around enough. I’m going in next week to hear the heartbeat and see how the baby is positioned.

Oh, Baby - 26-29 Week Update

This week, I shared my not-so-fun 24 week appointment where I was bullied/strongly advised to just give in and take the glucose screening test for gestational diabetes. I’ve been testing my own blood sugar for a little over a week and so far everything seems to be good. I’ll probably do it for a few more days leading up to my appointment just so they have a good sample to review at my next appointment.

Other than that, this baby is kicking and punching me like mad. I can also tell all my organs are beginning to squish together because I can’t eat regular sized meals without wanting to down a bottle of Tums.

Weight Gained

I finally weighed myself when we came home from Italy and I was right at 160 – so at about 27 weeks I was 27 pounds over pre-pregnancy weight. It’s so weird that I am right at about one pound per week, just like last time. It might have been a couple pounds more, but we walked SO MUCH in Italy, I probably could have eaten all the gelato in the world and not gained an ounce. Here are a few belly pics from our trip.

Oh, Baby - 26-29 Week Update
Ready to fly!


Oh, Baby - 26-29 Week Update
Feeling good in the Mediterranean.
Oh, Baby - 26-29 Week Update
Venice fashion when St. Mark’s floods


Did I mention all the walking we did in Italy? I had my first 25,000 step day on my FitBit, which came out to almost 12 miles!

Oh, Baby - 26-29 Week UpdateThat was our second day in Rome, which involved walking all over Vatican City and then wandering around Rome to find the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and a few other spots. Most days, we were walking at least 10 miles and we climbed so many domes and bell towers. I got a lot of funny looks on those climbs because of my big belly, but the views were worth it. We even went on a bike tour of Florence and I hung in there just fine with everyone else.

Oh, Baby - 26-29 Week Update
It was a good 400 steps to get up here!

My back pain flared up the first couple days of our trip, and I think a lot of it had to do with being on the plane for so long. After walking it out for a couple days, it barely bothered me the rest of the trip.

Oh, Baby - 26-29 Week Update
Taking a break from walking with a romantic gondola ride.

Since we’ve been home, I am happy to report my back pain is practically nonexistent. Now that I’ve gotten myself to a good place, I am too nervous to start a real workout regimen, especially with only two months to go. I think I’ll stick with walking, yoga, biking, and physical therapy exercises until the baby gets here. I’m much more worried about surviving labor and hoping for an easy recovery right now than I am about how much I can deadlift. 🙂

Oh, Baby - 26-29 Week Update
Bike ride with my babe.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Hmm…acne, heartburn, nausea returning…I’m sure I could think of a few others. 🙂 For the most part, I’ve been feeling better lately than I’ve felt my entire pregnancy, but the second trimester honeymoon is coming to an end and the same third trimester symptoms I remember from last time are flooding back.

Food Aversions

Unfortunately, they are creeping back in a bit. Some of that first trimester nausea is back, but not anywhere near what it was. Mostly, not a lot of foods sound good and I feel a little sick after eating most of the time. It’s not bad, though.

Food Cravings

Oh, Baby - 26-29 Week Update

Let’s just say the gelato in Italy made mommy very happy. 🙂 The pizza and pasta weren’t bad, either. I also ate a ton of salad, fruit and seafood. As always, balance!

Oh, Baby - 26-29 Week Update

Oh, Baby - 26-29 Week Update
I couldn’t go to Italy without indulging in a few glasses of wine. Oh, how I’ve missed wine.


Meh. I have a hard time falling asleep so I’ve been staying up late reading most nights. I’ve also been taking advantage of just sleeping in until Avery wakes up because I know in a couple months I won’t be getting any sleep for a while.

Looking Forward to

Seeing the baby. Finding out if it is a boy or a girl. Picking out tiny baby clothes. Breastfeeding. All of it. Just get here, baby!

Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases

None. But we did realize that Avery jumped on the crib mattress so much that it is totally broken and we need a new one.

Any Pregnancy Dreams

No, but my dreams have been so vivid. Of course, I can’t remember them right now, but I can remember them really well right when I wake up!

Any Baby Movement?

Yes-kicking, punching, stretching. All the time.

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