Oh, Baby – Week 9

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Oh, Baby - 9 Week Update

Baby Updates

We had our first prenatal appointment this week. Nothing too exciting, but we got to hear the heartbeat again on Doppler. It took them a while to find it, but I am pretty used to that from last time so I wasn’t worried. My heartbeat and the baby’s were competing so we only heard it for a minute. I told my midwife, “As long as you hear it, I don’t care if I hear it. If you say everything is okay then I am okay.” 🙂

Weight Gained

Still not much change. Hanging out in the 138-139 area. After meeting with my midwife, she recommended I gain about 25-30 pounds this pregnancy. That would put me around 163 pounds. It was so easy for me to gain 40 pounds last time so I’m not sure how I’m gonna do it, but I am going to try. I really try not to pay too much attention to the numbers and just give the baby what it wants, but I also want to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery and I know part of that is staying at a healthy weight.

Oh, Baby - 9 Week Update
My nine week belly this time…
Oh, Baby - 9 Week Update
For comparison, this was nine weeks with Avery. Crazy!


We were still at Walt Disney World on Sunday and drove home Monday so I walked about 10 miles on Sunday and did nothing Monday. When we returned home, I made it back into the gym to teach Aqua Fit on Thursday. I challenged myself on the rowing machine before class and worked on pull ups. I know I’ll probably lose my pull up soon, but I still want to try and keep my strength up.

Oh, Baby - 9 Week Update
Our final day at Disney World.

Pregnancy Symptoms

There are two that come to mind: indigestion and exhaustion. Unfortunately, both are extreme so it is severely cutting into my being a productive member of society. I am no longer having much nausea, but the indigestion, which causes bloating, burping (gross, sorry), cramping and a feeling that my stomach is really full, actually makes me nauseous. Most days, I climb in bed as soon as Avery is asleep (sometimes before…thanks, Kevin) and curl up into a little ball and try to fall asleep. I’m not gonna lie, it’s rough. I didn’t have such strong first trimester symptoms with my last pregnancy so it’s been hard to deal with. I spend so much time in bed and on the couch that I am really neglecting every other part of my life. I know it will pass, so I am trying to roll with it the best I can. I’ve tried every kind of herbal tea and any natural remedy I can think of, but nothing helps. I moved on to Zantac and even that doesn’t seem to be doing much.

I am pretty much always tired, too. I sneak naps when I can, but it’s hard to find the time. When I am home with Avery, I just nap when he naps. If I get off early, I sometimes take a nap (instead of writing blog posts). 🙂

Food Aversions

Sadly, the food aversions seem to be expanding. It’s sad, but true. On top of my aversion to raw vegetables, seafood, chicken breasts, soup, greens and dairy, I am now developing aversions to the foods I’ve been eating so much of while I’ve been sick. Because I’ve been eating so much of them since feeling sick, I now associate these foods with feeling yucky. So I’ve added string cheese, rice cakes, roasted carrots, Clif Bars and a few others. As you might expect, I am eating a very limited diet right now.

Oh, Baby - 9 Week Update
Sick, pregnant and armed with a grocery cart!

Food Cravings

Oh, Baby - 9 Week Update

My first major craving hit this week…tuna! I haven’t eaten seafood for over a month, which makes me think my body was calling out for nutrients! I had tuna with mayo, mustard and pickles three times this week. Other than that, I’m really into macaroni and cheese from Panera, popsicles and lemon water. I am even starting to crave fruit again. With peanut or almond butter only, of course.

Oh, Baby - 9 Week Update

Weirdly, when we returned from Disney World I had a big ol’ craving for Bibimbap. I was so surprised because, vegetables…but it was just what I wanted.

Oh, Baby - 9 Week Update


Because of how uncomfortable I am at night, sleep is getting difficult. I can’t sleep on my back so I just turn from side to side all night. I fall asleep pretty easily when I wake up, but I wake up a lot. That two year old who keeps coming into my room at 5:30 in the morning isn’t helping either. 😉

Oh, Baby - 9 Week Update
He’s lucky he is cute!

Looking Forward to

Feeling the baby for the first time! I know it is still a while off, but it was so much fun last time. And I can’t wait for Avery to be able to feel the baby’s kicks, too. I am also eyeing baby clothes pretty much every time we go to the store now, so I can’t wait to start buying tiny clothes again.

Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases

Not yet, but it’s obviously on my brain.

Any Pregnancy Dreams

I have had a few. They weren’t specifically about the baby, just random dreams where I happened to be pregnant.

Any Baby Movement?

Not yet…

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