Oh, Baby – 25 Weeks

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Oh, Baby - 25 Week Update

Baby Updates

Baby is gaining weight rather quickly now…about 1 1/2 pounds and the size of an acorn squash. I truly don’t understand these vegetable references…a zucchini one week and an acorn squash the next. Those are such different shapes and sizes that it is hard for me to put it in perspective, but I don’t care too much as long as baby is growing. I can see and feel kicks all the time, too! I was going to start my gestational diabetes experiment this week, but they have changed some of the testing supplies and my old supplies won’t work anymore so I’ll have to wait until after my Italy trip (because I am sure as hell not going to deal with it on vacation!) to do my self-testing. I still plan on writing a post or two about my whole experience with it.

Oh, Baby - 24 Week Update

Weight Gained

I still haven’t weighed myself. 🙁 Maybe next week!


Just a ton of walking and housework! I shampooed the carpets this week and power washed all of our sidewalks. Needless to say, I overdid it a bit and was laid up on the couch after all that standing/bending all day long. It took me a couple days of physical therapy exercises, ice and rest to get back to normal.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Still feeling pretty good! The acne on my chin turned into some type of dermatitis. According to my dermatologist, I used too many scrubs, masks and acne treatments to try and make it go away and I just made my skin mad (my words, not his). He gave me a steroid cream to calm it down and it is working beautifully. I am also sticking with Cetaphil wash and moisturizer until my skin gets under control. I am not usually quite so vain, but I really didn’t want that angry red spot in all my Italy pictures. 🙂

Other than that, just the back pain and lots of round ligament pain. I am having a lot more pain with this pregnancy than I did with my first. I feel like something is always moving or stretching!

Food Aversions

Nothing to report.

Food Cravings

Not to be predictable, but, ice cream! Luckily I can get by with my banana soft serve most nights because I know I shouldn’t be eating ice cream every single night. 🙂 I found out this week that my mom also ate ice cream with caramel topping every night when she was pregnant with me, so I truly can’t be blamed for this craving…it’s in my genes!

Oh, Baby - 24 Week Update

I’ve also been really into salads at lunch. I went to a salad party last week where we all brought prepped ingredients and made salads to bring home. I made five and they lasted me most of the week…its was awesome. I have been making salad pretty much every day for lunch and now I even have lettuce from the garden to put in my salad.

Oh, Baby - 24 Week Update

Avery is Star Wars obsessed so we took him to a showing of the new Star Wars (which he has already seen 50,000 times) last weekend at UofL. They had a few food trucks so we had fancy hot dogs, parmesan truffle chips and a lavender lemon kombucha. It was SO good…so good that I didn’t even go get the gelato that I thought I’d want after!

Oh, Baby - 24 Week Update

Oh, Baby - 24 Week Update


Not so good. 🙁 I miss sleeping on my belly. I am so tired of flipping from side to side all night (and having to drag my giant body pillow with me). I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s all for a good cause!

Looking Forward to

Our Italy trip is finally here!!! We are leaving in just a few days and I am as ready as I possibly could be. I have a ton of snacks and entertainment for the long flight. I just hope I can get comfortable on the plane. I also got some new Sanuk walking shoes so I can be cute and comfy while we sight see.

Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases

Not this week.

Any Pregnancy Dreams

Yes, finally! But it was super weird. I had a dream that I wasn’t there when my baby was born (I told you it was weird), and when I got home my Mom was giving the baby a bottle. I remember feeling really sad that I missed the birth and didn’t get to nurse my baby. I did immediately go and feed the baby, but it was still such a sad feeling.

Any Baby Movement?

All the time. Mostly at night when I am trying to sleep. 😉

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