Oh Baby, Week 23

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Oh, Baby - 23 Week Update

Baby Updates

We are finally at 1 pound! Yea! Baby is the size of a grapefruit, which sounds weird, because it is hard for me to picture my baby as a big, round fruit. Oh, well. I’m just happy baby is growing and growing.

Oh, Baby - 23 Week Update

Weight Gained

About 159, 27 pounds or so over my pre-pregnancy weight. A little ahead of my 1 pound per week goal (what I gained in my first pregnancy), but I do feel like my weight gain is slowing down, so I am hoping to still be close to the 40 pound range. I’m also not too worried about it because the baby is measuring right on target, my blood pressure is good, and I don’t have any symptoms I’m worried about. Everything will happen the way it’s supposed to happen. 🙂


Still a sore spot for me. I am doing a ton of walking and housework/gardening, but not much exercise other than my physical therapy exercises. If I can get myself to the point where I got about a week or so without much pain, I will try some light workouts and see how it goes. I am going to do my favorite prenatal yoga routine next week, too.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Nothing much. I am having some round ligament pain, which is no fun, but it gives me an excuse to relax on the couch. 🙂

Food Aversions

None to report!

Food Cravings

Ice cream, of course. I’ve also been really enjoying our Sunday waffles, eggs, and bacon routine! If you saw my last recipe for Slow Cooker Moroccan Beef Stew, you know I’ve been loving that with some avocado and pumpkin seeds on top!

Oh, Baby - 23 Week Update


Not too bad, just roll from side to side. It’s about a five step process for me to roll over right now.

Looking Forward to

ITALY! We are less than three weeks away from our five year anniversary/babymoon to Italy and I could not be more excited. We’ve pretty much done all the planning we can do, so now I am ready to explore, eat, and drink (okay, maybe just a little) my way through Italy. 🙂

Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases

Not this week.

Any Pregnancy Dreams

No. Is that bad?

Any Baby Movement?

A bunch! And you can actually see it from the outside now. Creepy, but cute! 🙂

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