Oh, Baby – Week 22

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Oh, Baby - 22 Week Update

Baby Updates

I don’t know why it matters so much to me, but I really want to get to the one pound mark with this baby. It just makes it feel like a real person to me for some reason. Anyway, this week it appears we are almost there. Baby is the size of a papaya and juuuust under one pound. Grow, baby, grow!

Oh, Baby - 22 Week Update

Weight Gained

Yet again, I haven’t stepped on the scale at all. I will say that I feel like my belly popped out really fast and I felt like I looked further along than I was for a while (perhaps that was the reason I received so many comments), but things seem to have slowed down and I don’t really feel like I am changing too much from week to week.


Ahh, exercise…otherwise known as the main source of frustration in my life right now. I had a couple of good days last week so my goal was to give CrossFit and Aqua Fitness a try this week. Unfortunately, my back pain flared up again on Sunday. I decided to try teaching Aqua Fitness anyway because I miss it so much and I hate leaving my class hanging like that. My legs hurt so bad that night that I couldn’t even sleep, so I went back to physical therapy the next morning and my therapist gave me even more exercises that can help take some pressure off my low back. He basically told me that it’s hard to say exactly what causes it to flare up because it is really just adds up throughout the day and I have to figure out how much I can take.

I am stating to come to terms with the fact that CrossFit might not be in the cards for me until after the baby gets here and I am trying to adjust and be okay with that. I’m not gonna lie, it is very frustrating. I miss working out and I miss my friends. I am continuing to try and walk as much as possible and just stay active around the house so I don’t feel like a giant blob. 🙂

Pregnancy Symptoms

Not much to report here. Even my digestion is feeling better as time goes on. Mostly just the aforementioned back pain. Maybe if I am really good with my physical therapy exercises this week, I won’t have to tell you all about my back pain again next week.

Food Aversions

Nada. I can eat pretty much anything right now…and I do!

Food Cravings

Surprise…ice cream! Also, queso. I am so good about ordering a salad at Qdoba, but I gotta get that queso, too. #balance, yall! I’ve also been making Sarah Fragoso’s (of Everyday Paleo fame) Puerto Rican Beef every week. It is one of my favorite meals!

Oh, Baby - 22 Week Update


Not too bad. Once I get comfy, I settle in pretty well.

Looking Forward to

I won’t say working out just so I don’t get my hopes up. We are only a few weeks out from our big Italy babymoon/anniversary trip and I really just want to be feeling good for that so we can soak up every moment of our time together!

Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases

Not this week.

Any Pregnancy Dreams

No. Is that bad?

Any Baby Movement?

Yes, all the time. Kevin was even able to feel it this week!

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