Oh, Baby – Week 21

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Oh, Baby - 21 Week Update

Baby Updates

We’re on the downhill now, racing toward the finish line and our prize is a baby. 🙂 19 weeks to go! According to my Sprout Pregnancy app, the baby is the size of a carrot and is finally getting a little bit of baby fat. It even gets the hiccups, although I can’t feel them just yet.

Oh, Baby - 21 Week Update

Kevin and I made time for two dates this week, too! We went to Thurby, the races at Churchill on the Thursday before Derby, and we also went to see the new Captain America movie. I think it is my new favorite so far.

Oh, Baby - 21 Week Update

Oh, Baby - 21 Week Update

Weight Gained

I finally weighed myself this week. 🙂 I was about 156, which is 24 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight, and it is ALL belly! 🙂


I finally have some good news on the exercise front! I have been feeling much better so I talked to my physical therapist this week and he had me test out some squats, shoulder press and deadlifts with a PVC pipe to see how it felt. It didn’t hurt at all! He said the biggest thing now is just figuring out how much work/stress I can put on it without causing pain again. I am going to attempt teaching Aqua Fitness next week and if that goes well I will try a CrossFit class. I will most likely just use a PVC pipe or a 15# bar, but I will be so happy to just get some kind of workout in!

We did go for a lot of walks last week and we went canoeing for Mother’s Day! It was so much fun and I would love to show you a picture, but…the water was high and we had a pretty rough ride. It was more like white water rafting in a canoe. 🙂 Long story short, we all tipped over (thank goodness for life jackets) and our phones didn’t survive the spill. I had the cutest pictures of Avery’s first canoe trip, too. 🙁 It was such a fun Mother’s Day and a fun way to get some activity in.

Pregnancy Symptoms

My symptoms are getting to be less and less the more time that goes on. I still eat a meal every now and then that leaves me bloated and burping 🙁 but for the most part I feel like my old self. The back pain is under control as long as I do my exercises daily and my biggest complaint is just how tough it is to find a comfortable position on the couch.

Food Aversions

None, really. I am worried they will come back as the weeks go by, but everything is good to go for now.

Food Cravings

Umm, just ice cream still. 🙂 What can I say? I’ve also been really into cinnamon raisin bread. We even used it to make french toast! I just use my Whole Wheat French Toast recipe and use cinnamon raisin bread instead of plain.

Oh, Baby - 21 Week Update


No major complaints. My energy is still really good so I haven’t really needed any naps. My nighttime sleep is so much better now that my back pain is better, too.

Looking Forward to

Working out (obviously). This week I’ve really been waiting for the time Avery can see and feel the baby moving, too.

Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases

None. We already have so much of what we need so I’m mostly waiting until we get a bit closer.

Any Pregnancy Dreams

No, although I did dream we found a little boy who had been abandoned and I offered to take him in.

Any Baby Movement?

Yes, all the time. Mostly when I am lying on the couch in the evening. It’s getting pretty hard sometimes!

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