Oh, Baby – Week 16

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Oh, Baby - 16 Week Update

Baby Updates

Our little peanut is now the size of one of my favorite foods…an avocado! I know we still have a ways to go, but that just seems so…big. Like maybe the size of a small puppy?

Oh, Baby - 16 Week Update

Weight Gained

Almost tipping 150…16 or 17 pounds over pre-pregnancy weight. I don’t have another appointment with my midwife for four more weeks so hopefully she thinks I’m still on track.


Just the usual! πŸ™‚ I taught two Aqua Fitness classes, attended two CrossFit classes and did one weightlifting/CrossFit session with Kevin at the Y. I am definitely noticing how out of breath I get working out. When I teach Aqua Fit, my face gets so red and hot and I have to keep taking breaks to get a drink. Luckily, my students are very understanding.

During our Y workout, I tested my one rep max split jerk, and I caught a little flack for it on Facebook. I know every pregnancy and every doctor is different, but I only do things that I feel 100% safe doing during pregnancy and my midwife has given me the A-OK to proceed with anything I was doing pre-pregnancy. Oddly enough, I was writing a post at the time on the safety of CrossFit during pregnancy.Β It’s got a lot of great information if you want to check it out!

Oh, Baby - 16 Week Update

105# split snatch–tied my pre-pregnancy PR!I’m writing a blog post today on whether CrossFit is safe during pregnancy. I think you can guess what my answer is…-#crossfitmom #crossfit #crossfitmoms #crossfitpregnancy #crossfitpregnant #pregnantcrossfit #crossfitgirls #splitsnatch #fitness #pumpthebump #fitpregnancy #healthypregnancy #16weeks #secondtrimester

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Pregnancy Symptoms

I still can’t believe how long the sickness is hanging around this time, but I think I’ve finally found a winning combination. I’ve been taking Natural Calm twice a day, as well as drinking chamomile tea twice a day. You can check out my other favorite pregnancy items here. It hasn’t totally gotten rid of the burping and bloating (oh, the joys of pregnancy!), but I’ve been feeling much better most days. I still pop a Relgan every now and then if I am feeling really bad, but the best cure I’ve found is exercise. If my belly gets so full of air and (sorry) gas, just moving around seems to help everything get moving. Sure, I burp a lot during my workout, but at least I feel better afterward. πŸ™‚

Oh, Baby - 16 Week Update
Sunning the baby bump after a tough workout.

Other than that, I’m not noticing a ton of symptoms right now.

Food Aversions

I don’t have many aversions at this point since my sickness is easing up. My main aversion is carbs: cereal, muffins, etc. I think because I don’t feel so well after eating those things I am just not even feeling good about eating them. I’m also not into almond milk or regular milk, but I can deal with coconut milk. Go figure.

Food Cravings

Ice cream is still at the top of this list and I don’t think it’s going anywhere. I allow myself one small container (a pint, I guess) per week, usually So Delicious Coconut Milk Frozen Dessert or Talenti Gelato, that I eat over the course of a few days. If I want more than that, I make myself some banana soft serve. πŸ™‚


Now that I have a FitBit, I can actually see how well I am sleeping. Curious how much I’m tossing and turning? Check this out…

Oh, Baby - 16 Week Update

Yes…24 times restless. That means I rolled from side, to side, to side 24 times! I dream of the day I get to sleep on my back again.

Looking Forward to

Summer! I guess I should be dreading being pregnant in summer, but I am super ready for tank tops and shorts or skirts. It’s so much easier to dress the bump in warmer weather.

Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases

None. We do have an impending Ikea trip, though…

Any Pregnancy Dreams

Yes, and it was a scary one! I had a dream that we had Avery and he was a normal two year old, but there was also this ghost baby of Avery as an infant who lived in our closet. I was really scared of him, but then he crawled onto our bed and he was actually really sweet so then I liked having him there. Weird, I know.

Oh, Baby - 16 Week Update

Any Baby Movement?

Still just little kicks occasionally, nothing you can see or feel from the outside yet.

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