Oh, Baby – Week 14

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Oh, Baby - 14 Week Update

Baby Updates

Now that I’m in the second trimester, things aren’t feeling too different from week to week. I don’t feel great, but my sickness is easing up. I don’t feel that much bigger each week (or maybe I’m just getting used to being bigger) and I’ve already been feeling the baby move for a few weeks now. According to The Bump, my baby is about the size of a lemon this week…pretty crazy when I think about how it used to be microscopic!

Weight Gained

I actually never weighed myself this week…oops!


More CrossFit, yoga and Aqua Fitness. I taught two Aqua Fitness classes, attended two CrossFit classes and went to yoga. This is about 50% of my pre-pregnancy workout schedule, but if I am hitting five workouts a week then I am pretty happy.

I did do this week’s CrossFit Open workout and it was the first one I was able to do RX (as prescribed) without having to scale any of the movements. Here is what I did:

Oh, Baby - 14 Week Update

I completed 54 of the required 55 calories, which was fine by me because I wasn’t really wanting to try any handstand push ups. I’ve never tried one before so I don’t think now is the best time. One of the main reasons I went ahead and did this workout RX is because I didn’t want to do 55 pushups and squish my belly against the ground 55 times, so it all worked out.

Oh, Baby - 14 Week Update

Yoga was awesome, too. I didn’t have to modify much, but I definitely noticed my balance was a little off from where it normally is. I was falling all over the place!

Pregnancy Symptoms

Reglan is still helping me feel pretty normal, but every few days I’ll eat something that throws me off and it takes me a day or two to get back on track. I still can’t quite pinpoint it, but Epic Bars seem to trigger my symptoms (mostly a lot of burping and bloating…fun) and possibly grains, but I’m not sure on that one. I might try to eliminate them for a week and see if I feel any better. Epic Bars, which I normally love, will be staying out of my grocery cart until after this baby gets here.

Other than that, I’ve been getting really out of breath and I still wake up a lot in the night. I’m pretty used to all of that, though, so it just feels like its par for the course.

Food Aversions

Same stuff…Baybel cheese (weird, I know, but we had a bunch of it in the house at the time I started feeling sick), chicken breasts (most days) and the particular Costco brand of peanut butter that was in our house when I got sick. We still have a huge jar and I can’t bring myself to eat it.

Food Cravings

A lot of my cravings are subsiding now that I’ve been feeling better. I no longer crave macaroni and cheese so I have a bunch of it sitting in the pantry. Remember last week I mentioned my friend sharing her craving for queso. This week, I just had to have some! We got Qdoba for dinner one night and I ordered chips and queso. I ate most of it on the way home. No shame in my queso game!


Lots of tossing and turning and now I’m waking up a lot to pee, too. We also have to take turns getting up in the night to take Avery potty so nobody is getting much sleep in this house. I guess it is just preparing us for what’s to come. I did get one nice nap with Avery, which never happens!

Oh, Baby - 14 Week Update

Looking Forward to

Our babymoon! Kevin hates that word, and it is technically our five year anniversary trip, but since I just happen to be pregnant I’ll call it our anniversary trip/babymoon. We are going to ITALY! We booked our flights and hotels this week so I am getting pretty excited for our trip.

Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases

This was free, but I downloaded the Tweekaboo app this week to use as a pregnancy journal/baby book for both of my kids. With Avery, we had this pregnancy journal (plus the Baby Book and Birthday Book). You can add photos, videos or notes to the app and share all of it with family and friends. You can also order a print book of all your memories. I plan on doing short weekly pregnancy updates and then just capturing moments as often as possible after the baby gets here. I’ve already been using it to share all of Avery’s silly moments with our families.

Don’t forget, too, that if you create a free Amazon baby registry you can get a FREE Baby Registry Welcome Box just for completing your registry! You have to be an Amazon Prime member, which is totally worth it if you have a baby on the way.

Oh, Baby - 13 Week Update
Lots of fun goodies for baby!

Any Pregnancy Dreams

No. Just more weird dreams. I’ll have to start writing them down so I can share some.

Any Baby Movement?

Still feeling some kicks and little movements. So fun!

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