Oh, Baby – Week 13

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Oh, Baby - 13 Week Update

Baby Updates

I’ve been feeling a lot more movement lately. It is tiny and you can’t see or feel it from the outside, but I love it. I’m also getting to that point where I am basically hungry all the time. I feel like I am never actually full and end up eating every couple of hours. I pack a lot of snacks! I am FINALLY in the second trimester and starting to feel more like my old, peppy self again, which is a very welcome change.

Weight Gained

About 144 last time I checked, which puts me about 12 pounds over pre-pregnancy weight. It’s so strange because my weight gain is right on point with my first pregnancy, but (as you can see) I am ALL belly this time!


Exercise is becoming a more regular part of my life again now that I am back to my old self for the most part. I taught two Aqua Fit classes, attended two yoga classes, two CrossFit classes and I completed a 1.5 mile run. I completed this week’s CrossFit Open workout on Friday evening with Kevin as my judge. I stuck with scaled again this week because the RX version included bar muscle ups, something I can’t even fathom doing when I’m not pregnant. Here is what I did:

Oh, Baby - 13 Week Update

It felt pretty good, too. The jumping chest to bar pull-ups were not easy and I can tell I run out of breath more quickly than normal so I tried to keep a steady pace throughout the workout. I was really happy with my score. I’ve surprised myself a lot this pregnancy with what I’ve been able to accomplish in the exercise department. I just hope I can keep it up!

Kevin and I got to do one of the yoga classes together at the reopening of the Speed Art Museum. I had to modify a few things (no backbends or handstands), but it was a good workout and I felt so relaxed after.

Oh, Baby - 13 Week Update
Yoga + Art

My 1.5 mile run was a part of Four Barrel CrossFit’s fitness and nutrition challenge. The belly was definitely bouncing as I ran, but it really felt pretty good. I had to do the last 1/2 mile on the track and my time was considerably slower. I absolutely hate running indoors.

Oh, Baby - 13 Week Update

Pregnancy Symptoms

I’m not having many symptoms now that I’ve been on the Reglan for almost two weeks. My digestion/nausea is pretty much gone and my energy is still good. I’m still feeling a bit of round ligament pain now and then. My only “symptom” is that my belly seems to have taken on a life of its own! 🙂

Food Aversions

Not many. Same old stuff…just the things I was eating a lot of when I was really sick. For some reason, I can’t have any kind of milk either. The thought just disgusts me. Like I find myself craving cereal every now and then, but the thought of milk entering my body is so gross to me right now that I can’t even enjoy a bowl. 🙁

Food Cravings

Not many. Sometimes random ones just hit at weird times. Like I haven’t thought about queso this entire pregnancy, but then my friend Jessica mentioned how much she craved queso when she was pregnant with her daughter and now I am staring at the queso with drool hanging from my mouth every time I see it at the grocery store. #pregnancyproblems


No much change here, either. Still a bit of tossing and turning just to adjust and get comfortable, but mostly I am sleeping well. I sneak in one or two naps a week, as well. Glorious, glorious naps!

Looking Forward to

Actually, I was mostly looking forward feeling like myself again so I’m just happily enjoying the honeymoon trimester. 🙂

Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases

Not exactly a purchase, but I did get a really exciting baby-related package in the mail! I just happened to see while I was working on my Amazon baby registry that you can get a FREE Baby Registry Welcome Box just for completing your registry. You have to be an Amazon Prime member, which we decided to do earlier this year because, free shipping on everything.

Oh, Baby - 13 Week Update
Lots of fun goodies for baby!

Any Pregnancy Dreams

No. Just a lot of very weird, very vivid dreams!

Any Baby Movement?

Yep, just little kicks here and there.

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