Oh, Baby – Week 12

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Oh, Baby - 12 Week Update

Baby Updates

Not much to report since we didn’t have any appointments this week. I started Reglan at the beginning of this week to help with my digestion and nausea and I feel like a new freaking woman. It took a few days to kick in and for my body to catch up, but it is literally saving my life. I was barely functioning before and I feel so much better. The scary part now is that I’ll have to try and come off it at some point and that scares me. I am so nervous to go back to being sick. Yuck.

Weight Gained

I never weighed in this week…oops!


Now that I am feeling better, my exercise has picked waay up! I taught Aqua Fitness on Sunday and Tuesday, went to a fun free yoga class on Saturday and went to CrossFit twice. I did the regular workout with my 6am crew on Wednesday and then Friday evening Kevin and I did the CrossFit Open workout together. This week was the second week of the Open. I am sticking with scaled still and the scaled version of 16.2 was as follows:

Oh, Baby - 12 Week Update

I went into it thinking I wouldn’t get very far because I do get really tired and out of breath pretty much as soon as I start working out. I didn’t even get enough weights out for the fourth round, but it looked like I was going to make it so my husband/judge helped load up my bar with 115# for the next round of squat cleans. I tried and failed twice, but then hit my third one. I threw the bar down and screamed and hugged Kevin. That was a 20# PR for my squat clean, which I certainly never expected to get while I was pregnant. I even usually advise against trying to set PR’s during pregnancy, but I had the time so I figured I would either get it or not and I got a big surprise. 🙂

Oh, Baby - 12 Week Update

The yoga class I attended was awesome, too. It was sponsored by Atlantic No. 5 and the local Lululemon store. I let the instructor know I was pregnant and she gave me a little warning before the few moves she advised me not to do. I am all about listening to your body and doing what feels right, but I am definitely a novice yogi so I felt better knowing someone was watching out for me. I only had to modify a few movements; mostly those that involved lying directly on my back or belly. Breakfast after class didn’t hurt, either. 😉


Pregnancy Symptoms

I definitely feel myself getting over the first trimester hump. I don’t feel totally out of the woods, but I can tell my energy is picking up and my nausea is on the decline. This could be totally due to the Reglan, which is why I am so scared to come off of it. In a couple of weeks, I am going to try and wean myself off of it, though. I hate taking medicine when I don’t have to, but in this case…I HAVE TO.

I am starting to notice some random round ligament pain, too. Not often, but I can feel a little tugging in my hip/groin/belly area every so ofte

Food Aversions

Not as many, but I am definitely still noticing a few. Like last week, it is mostly the foods that I was eating a lot of when I was sick. I had to buy a different flavor of cheese sticks this week because I can’t stand the ones I was eating.

Food Cravings

The pizza and tuna cravings have subsided, though I am still having tuna about once a week. I am still really into popsicles. Luckily, since I am feeling better, a lot of healthier cravings are coming back, too. I’ve been dying for some sushi and I finally craving fresh foods like this yogurt and berries with peanut butter!

Oh, Baby - 12 Week Update


Still tossing and turning, but the body pillow helps. Also, my sweet husband moved the more-comfortable queen size bed from our guest room and swapped it out for the less-comfortable extra long twin that we were sleeping on.  The mattress is so much better so that has been helping my sleep. I still take naps when I can, too.

Looking Forward to

Not totally baby related, but we’ve been Pinning all kinds of ideas for Avery’s big boy room and I am so excited to put a really fun bedroom/playroom together for him! We plan on keeping the nursery pretty much the same since it is neutral and we plan on being surprised again this time around. Avery can’t seem to decide between Star Wars and Avengers so we’ll have to get him to narrow it down soon.

Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases

Yes, finally! I’ve just been wanting to pick out something for the baby so bad so I picked up a couple of outfits at Old Navy this week. I think the cactus one would be so cute to wear home from the hospital. And I love anything with bikes because Kevin and I met cycling.

Oh, Baby - 12 Week Update

Oh, Baby - 12 Week Update

I’ve also been using this awesome belly balm that Raise Them Well sent me to try out. It smells awesome and it goes on so easily. I’ve had other belly balms that I could barely rub in so I really like this one!

Oh, Baby - 12 Week Update

Any Pregnancy Dreams

None this week!

Any Baby Movement?

Yes! I’ve felt a few teeny tiny little kicks here and there. It is so much fun and, of course, comforting feeling my son or daughter kicking around in there.

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