Oh, Baby – Week 10 & 11

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Oh, Baby - 10 Week Update

Baby Updates

Why am I combining weeks 10 and 11? Well, when we went in for our dating ultrasound, they told me the baby was measuring around 12 weeks, which pushes me up a week from where I originally thought I was. My new due date is September 15th, although I like to just think of September as my “due month”, because I know babies come when they are ready.

It was so amazing to see the baby again. Avery got to sit in on this one and he keeps talking about how he got to hear the heartbeat. We saw the little hands and feet moving around in there and you could even see the heart beating. We won’t have another ultrasound until around 20 weeks, so it was really nice to check in on our little guy or girl one more time.

The baby attended its first concert this week, too. Kevin took me to see Josh Ritter (one of my absolute favorites) in Cincinnati this week. Both of my babies have seen Josh Ritter while they were in my belly so it’s pretty special to me.

Oh, Baby - 10 Week Update
Dining on authentic Italian pizza at A Tavola before Josh Ritter.

Weight Gained

I’m finally tipping 140. Most days, I clock in around 140 or 141, which puts me about 8-9 pounds over pre-pregnancy weight.

Oh, Baby - 10 Week Update
Before taking a swim with my baby. There is no hiding this bump in a swimsuit!


I was feeling good enough to go to CrossFit on Monday morning. Unfortunately the workout was handstand holds and pistol squats. I can’t do pistol squats and I am not really comfortable getting upside down during pregnancy (read: I am clumsy), but that was no reason to stay home! There are always modifications and the Four Barrel coaches are always super helpful when I need suggestions. I held a dumbell sholder press overhead in place of handstand holds and did my pistol squats to a 12” box with two plates on top. I still got a killer workout and I felt safe throughout.

Oh, Baby - 10 Week Update

I taught Aqua Fit at the Y on Tuesday and Thursday and then the CrossFit Open began on Friday. Avery was a little sick on Friday so I went in on Saturday to do 16.1. I chose to do the scaled version because I just don’t see the point in pushing myself too far over the edge right now. The scaled version still felt difficult, but not like anything I couldn’t handle. Here is what I did:

CrossFit Games Open 16.1

Whew! That was a long twenty minutes. I think I would have felt fine, but I didn’t eat enough afterward and I felt pretty sick the rest of the weekend. When I don’t eat enough right now, I definitely feel my symptoms start to worsen and I have a really hard time getting it back under control. I learned my lesson and try to eat a full meal pretty soon after working out

Pregnancy Symptoms

Oh, Baby - 10 Week Update
Avery and I spend a lot of time on the couch to “make our bellies feel better”.

The indigestion/nausea is still in full effect. Sad face. Most days, I can suffer through until dinner and then it gets so bad I just have to lie down. On the bad days, I spend most of the day in bed. I had to skip one Aqua Fit class and leave work early one day because it was so bad. It is so frustrating because I just want to do the things I am used to doing, but some days you just have to let yourself eat a popsicle for dinner and go to bed.

In not-so-bad news, my energy is back up a bit!

Food Aversions

This is such a moving target. It is so weird. It really depends on how I feel at any given time. If I am feeling good, the only aversions I have are the foods that I was eating right around the time that morning sickness kicked in. This includes some random rosemary crackers we have in our house, Baybel cheese and a few other things. If I am feeling sick, I mostly crave carbs like macaroni and cheese, toast or macaroni and cheese (see what I did there). If things are really bad, I eat chicken noodle soup, a popsicle or some ginger snaps that Kevin picked up for me and call it a day.

Oh, Baby - 10 Week Update

On the days I am feeling well, I try to get in as many fresh fruits and veggies as humanly possible!

Oh, Baby - 10 Week Update
Drinking my fruits and veggies!

Kevin so, so, so sweetly packed a bunch of snacks for our two hour road trip to Cincy, too. He knew how sick I was feeling and that it is impossible to know what will sound good at any given time. This saved my life because I knew I had to eat something to stop from getting totally sick while on the road. I had a popsicle and two string cheese sticks. 🙂

Oh, Baby - 10 Week Update
Road trip snacks!

Food Cravings

Oh, Baby - 10 Week Update
I’ll have the tuna, please!

Tuna is still a big craving for me. And the aforementioned macaroni and cheese, popsicles and chicken noodle soup. I was having a major pizza craving last week, too, so we stopped for pizza at A Tavola before the Josh Ritter show in Cincy. Other than that, I think I am still just too sick for any real cravings.

Oh, Baby - 10 Week Update
A Tavola, some of the best pizza I’ve ever had!


My belly is already big enough that I have to sleep on my side so I toss and turn a lot. Lying on one side for too long gets uncomfortable so I flip over and try the other side for a bit. My mom gifted me a body pillow so I snuggle that up between my knees and it helps to support my belly, too. I feel like my body pillow needs a name. Any ideas?

Looking Forward to

I’m thinking a little further out now, but I am so excited to meet our baby. I know I have a while to go still, but there were so many sweet memories of Avery as a newborn and I know it’ll be just as special this time around.

Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases

No, but I have finally started thinking about what we will actually need when the baby gets here. I have a feeling it’ll be a much shorter list than the first time around when we thought we needed All. The. Things.

Any Pregnancy Dreams

None this week!

Any Baby Movement?

Not yet…maybe soon.

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  1. GiGi Eats Celebrities

    If I ever get pregnant… It will be funny if I have salmon aversions as I am sooooo totally OBSESSED with salmon and eat it every single day (if not 2x a day)… HA! Would be kind of ironic!

  2. Tarah

    Pretty much what happened to me. 🙁 I have had salmon in the freezer since I was about 4 weeks pregnant and I still can’t eat it. At least I am loving tuna so I get SOME seafood.

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