Oh, Baby – After the Belly

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Oh, Baby - After the Belly

Baby updates

We welcomed another baby boy into the world when I was exactly 39 weeks (hence the lack of updates after 37). I’ll be sharing his birth story in a separate post. I want to use this space to share about my recovery and how I’ve been feeling.

Welcome Norrin Radd!

Oh, Baby - After the Belly


I weighed in at 173 on baby day-exactly 40 pounds, as I’ve predicted since the beginning. Today I am down to 145. I have a loose goal in mind of 130, but I am not at all worried about it right now. I eat when I’m hungry, even in the middle of the night. 🙂 The weight will come off in time. Right now I am much more focused on eating enough to maintain my milk supply, support my recovery, and provide enough energy to get me through the day amidst all this sleep deprivation.


Norrin was brought into this world via c-section and I am already learning that the recovery is very different than a vaginal birth. My incision was very painful the first week and it was difficult to move around. Even bending down to pick Norrin up out of his bed was painful. Needless to say, the only exercise I’ve gotten these first couple of weeks are some short walks and lots of stretching because breastfeeding half the day can do a number on your back! I did buy this book and I plan to work in some daily stretches and longer walks as my recovery progresses. It will be ten weeks before I can resume a regular exercise program with any abdominal work. It feels like a long time, but I did have major surgery and giving my body time to heal properly is much more important to me than breaking a sweat.

Oh, Baby - After the Belly
Norrin’s First Walk!


Symptoms don’t go away just because the baby comes out, because hormones. Giving birth causes some big ol’ hormone shifts and I’m dealing with all kinds of fun side effects. I am constantly thirsty because I’m breastfeeding, which also makes my skin and hair super dry. The rash/ acne around my nose and chin has actually gotten worse (womp, womp) since giving birth. I actually went to a dermatologist this week and was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis. Dr. Google already had me thinking this is what was going on, and I learned it is fairly common in pregnancy/postpartum. They gave me a gentle face wash and toner and a topical antibiotic. Fingers crossed this is what finally works to get rid of it because it is wearing me out.

I’ve also had some fun side effects from the anesthesia and duramorph (morphine) I was given during my c-section. Apparently, it is pretty common to have air enter and get trapped in your abdomen when you have abdominal surgery. The air can travel into your shoulder blade area and cause really sharp gas pains. I couldn’t even lie down to go to sleep it hurt so bad the first week! The morphine also made me super itchy all over my body and the spinal block gave me headaches for about a week after. Dealing with these on top of the pain from my incision made it tough to enjoy caring for Norrin, but after about the ten day mark everything started to feel much better and now I am only dealing with some minor pain at my incision site. This week has been much easier for all of us!

Food Aversions and Cravings

I am happy to share that my aversions and cravings immediately disappeared after giving birth. I’ve been enjoying all my favorite healthy foods (and they don’t make me feel sick after!) and my ice cream craving finally subsided. 🙂 I’ve only had ice cream once since Norrin arrived, as opposed to three or four times a week when I was pregnant. Of course, I did have to sneak a few bites of Norrin’s first birthday cake that my Dad brought to the hospital.

Oh, Baby - After the Belly


Haha-what’s that? like I said, sleep was rough that first week. Now in our second week, Norrin gets me up three or four times at night to eat, but he usually falls asleep right after his belly is full. Sometimes I have to hold him on my chest until he goes out, but then I can lay him down and he will sleep for two or three hours before he is hungry again. He takes a few long naps during the day (he is sleeping on my chest right now) so I try to sleep when I can, but, like most moms, I am not taking my own advice very well.

Oh, Baby - After the Belly
Baby Snuggles in our skin-to-skin shirt from Vija Design US!

Looking Forward to

Every minute of every day. This may be our last baby so I am trying to soak up every minute with my tiny, squishy baby. I am also so excited to see Avery and Norrin’s relationship grow. Avery already loves him so much!

Oh, Baby - After the Belly

Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases

Now that we know we have another boy on our hands, we’ve been stocking up on baby boy clothes. Kevin went to Target on our first night home from the hospital to get lots of onesies, sleepers and pants. My sister also gifted us some awesome outfits, like this Monsters Inc. onesie!

Oh, Baby - After the Belly

Since I spend a good majority of the day nursing, I have also been adding a few nursing tops to my collection. I already had this Le Lait tshirt from Milk & Baby, but I’m also waiting on a few from Zulily.

Pregnancy Dreams

No, but I don’t feel guilty about it anymore since he is here now. 🙂

Baby Movement

Yes! Duh! And now I can’t even imagines how he ever fit in there!

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