Oh, Baby – 36 Weeks

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Oh, Baby - 36 Week Update

Baby Updates

Good news and bad news. Good news: Baby is healthy and I got to see it this week on ultrasound! Bad news: It was because baby still isn’t head down and they had to see the exact position to determine how we should move forward. Basically, they will do another ultrasound next week to see if baby has turned. If not, we will most likely schedule an External Cephalic Version (ECV) for 39 weeks where my midwife will try to manually turn the baby. If that works, I then have to choose whether I want to stay in the hospital and get induced, or go home and wait for labor to start on it’s own. If it doesn’t work, I may be headed for a c section.

This is more decisions than I want to make right now, so I am really hoping baby just turns. Obviously, my pool handstands did nothing to turn the baby, but I have heard people had good luck at the chiropractor, too, so I am going to discuss it with my midwife and get her take on it. I’m open to advice/stories if you’ve got ’em!

Oh, Baby - 36 Week Update


Weight Gained

Somewhere in the 168-170 range…it changes depending on the day. 🙂


Not much. 🙂 I did accidentally walk five miles the other day. Avery rode his bike to the coffee shop and back, which was a couple miles, and then we went to the zoo with friends and walked a few more miles. I felt a little sore while I was walking, but by the time I got home and tried to get out of the car, I could barely move! My pelvic muscles were in so much pain and I could hardly walk. I hobbled around the rest of the night and didn’t get much sleep. It hurt the next day, but not as bad. Now I’m back to my normal aches and pains. 🙂

Oh, Baby - 36 Week Update

Pregnancy Symptoms

The acne saga continues. 🙂 I’m starting to think it is less acne and more rash/dermatitis of some sort. My chin and the sides of my nose are so red and itchy that it keeps me up at night. Everyone says it doesn’t look that bad, but that is because I cover it up with a ton of makeup! I talked to my midwife about it and she prescribed me a steroid/anti-itch cream. I am also using the Aveeno Baby Eczema cream to try and keep my skin moisturized. I am sure you do not care to keep up with my skincare routine as I change it from week to week, but maybe it will teach you to just talk to your doctor or midwife about it in the first place instead of trying 1,000 different products live I’ve been doing.

I am still super-swollen in this heat and humidity. My ankles are disappearing before my eyes!

Food Aversions

No, not really.

Food Cravings

Nothing new. Just ice cream. I am actually eating really well for the most part because I don’t feel well when I don’t. We made this awesome curry chicken dish this week, and I have salad for lunch most days.Oh, Baby - 36 Week Update



My FitBit is so depressing right now. I don’t need to know that I was up TWENTY times in the night. So, basically, I sleep for 30-45 minutes, turn over, sleep for a little longer, turn over…and so on and so forth until morning.

Oh, Baby - 36 Week Update

Looking Forward to

Seeing the baby again next week! I forgot to ask if they had any idea how big the baby is…hopefully next week I’ll remember to ask.

Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases

I did pick out a baby book. I had a pretty in depth baby book with Avery, but I’m really nervous I won’t do as well keeping up with it this time so I was looking for something a bit more simple. Isn’t it cute? Check it out on Amazon here.

I did do A LOT to get ready for baby this week, too! I packed my hospital bag and made some more freezer meals. I even made some of the frozen postpartum pads that I made before I had Avery. I wrote a whole blog post about all the things we are doing to get ready for baby!

Any Pregnancy Dreams

No. 🙁

Any Baby Movement?

Yes. And I feel horrible because I’ve been pushing on the baby’s head all these weeks thinking it was the back. Sorry, baby!

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