Oh, Baby – 35 Weeks

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Oh, Baby - 35 Week Update

Baby Updates

I still have a few days until my next appointment so I’m not 100% sure if baby is head down. I can feel it all over the place, and I’m the furthest thing from a doctor, so it’s really hard for me to tell. I do know that baby is getting BIG! I don’t even really feel kicks anymore, just lots of poking and rolling around. I’m pretty sure this little butternut squash is running out of room.

Oh, Baby - 35 Week Update

We are trying to squeeze in as much family time as possible before the new baby gets here. This week, we took Avery to his first soccer game, and Kevin and I snuck out to see Suicide Squad (loved it, by the way).

Oh, Baby - 35 Week Update

Weight Gained

I’m finally back on the gain train. I’m up to 168, 35 pounds over pre-pregnancy weight.


Walking up the stairs feels like exercise right now. I try to stay active during them day, just doing work around the house and playing with Avery, but too much walking/standing really starts to hurt my back, so I am trying to be patient and remember I’ll be able to get back to it after baby gets here. I’m still keeping up with my yoga, too just to loosen up in the mornings.

Pregnancy Symptoms

My acne is actually improving, but I don’t know if I just finally found the right combo of products or if my hormones are changing and helping it get better. Just for the fun of it, I’ll tell you my current regiment. I am still washing and moisturizing with the Cetaphil, then I put doTERRA CorrectX (kinda like an essential oil Neosporin) and follow up with a BB Cream I found at Target that has salicylic acid in it. Since it isn’t as drying as regular acne medicine or wash, I think it is helping more.

Outside of that, my swelling is getting worse. Now my knees are feeling it, so I sat with ice packs on the last night. I can also tell baby is getting bigger and/or moving lower because I am feeling a lot of pressure on my pelvic bones and muscles. It’s almost like the baby is getting to big for me to hold it up anymore.

Food Aversions

Not much to report here.

Food Cravings

Just one. The Banana Pudding ice cream from Comfy Cow! Luckily, it is ridiculously expensive so I am not super-tempted to go every night. I had major tuna cravings at the beginning of my pregnancy, and they seem to be coming back now, but I think it is just the convenience of making tuna more than anything. 🙂

Oh, Baby - 35 Week Update


Yeah, no. I’m doing all the tossing and turning.

Looking Forward to

I went back and read Avery’s birth story to try and prepare for going into labor again and, oddly enough, I am actually looking forward to it. Yes, I expect it to be painful and difficult, but I also remember it as a very special experience for Kevin and I.

Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases

It was free, but my breast pump did come in the mail this week. 🙂 I have a major love/hate relationship with pumping. I am happy that I am able to do it and store away some milk so I can get away when I need to, but pumping is not an experience I enjoy.

I’ve also been working on the freezer meals! This week, I made these potato, egg, and sausage muffin cups. I cut waaay back on the butter and cheese and they are still awesome. We made one batch for breakfast and I made an extra to freeze.

Oh, Baby - 35 Week Update

Any Pregnancy Dreams

No more pregnancy dreams. They have been few and far between.

Any Baby Movement?

Yes, lots of rolling, poking and prodding.

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