Oh, Baby – 32 Weeks

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Oh, Baby - 32 Week Update

Baby Updates

Meeting this baby feels so close, yet so far away. It is seriously driving me crazy! I’ve almost got a four-pounder in there and, boy, do I feel it. I found out at my appointment last week that the baby is transverse, meaning pretty much sideways in my uterus. They said it is somewhat normal and they don’t really need for it to be head down until about 36 or 37 weeks. So I’ve been trying some different positions to turn the baby. We are headed to the water park this week and I am going to do some handstands in the water, too, to see if it works (it worked for my friend)!

Oh, Baby - 32 Week Update

Weight Gained

I was up to about 166 at my last weigh-in. In between appointments, I had gained two pounds so I am still right around 1 pound per week.


Still just a lot of walking. Avery will be starting school soon, and his school is within walking distance, so I am hoping to get some walking in when I drop him off and pick him up…and hopefully some prenatal yoga while I have a few hours to myself each day. Because I can only sleep in one or two positions, and the extra stress on my back, my calves and achilles are pretty sore when I wake up in the morning. I think everything just gets so tight overnight, so I am trying my best to stretch daily and stay loosened up.

Pregnancy Symptoms

The acne situation is not improving. 🙁 My midwife said there isn’t much you can do, it’s all hormonal. The good news is that it should disappear pretty quickly after I give birth. I am still washing and moisturizing with Cetaphil, but I am washing once a day with the Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser. It is only .5% salicylic acid (most acne products are 2%) so it isn’t as drying and irritating, but maybe it’ll help clear some of it up?

I’m also just getting to the point where it is very difficult to get comfortable, no matter what I am doing. I dropped something on the car floor the other day and I couldn’t even bend over in my seat to get it. 🙂

Food Aversions

Nope. Luckily…

Food Cravings

Not many. I just get full too quickly most of the time to want something so badly that I just have to have it.


I think this will be the same story until the end. 🙂 Can’t get comfortable. Can’t stay asleep. I don’t even enjoy going to sleep. I stay up as late as I can reading until I am ready to pass out and then just wait for the next day to get here so I am one more day closer to meeting the baby.

Looking Forward to

This baby moving head down! My midwife said I will probably be more comfortable when the baby turns.

Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases

Yes! My friend had borrowed our Rock ‘n’ Play and I got it back this week. Not really a purchase, but a necessity. Avery slept in this for the first few months before we moved him to his crib and I used it for naps, so I could take a shower, etc. She also gave us a baby bath, which we really needed, too. I bought this AWESOME nursing shirt from Milk & Baby this week, too. I am taking it to the hospital with me. I can’t wait to try it out.

Oh, Baby - 32 Week Update

Any Pregnancy Dreams

No. Still.

Any Baby Movement?

Yes, pushing, stretching, kicking, hitting, hiccups. All of it. 🙂

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