Oh, Baby – 31 Weeks

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Oh, Baby - 31 Week Update

Baby Updates

I’ve got a baby coconut! And we’ve hit the three pound mark! We’re in the home stretch and baby is moving all over the place. I still don’t feel like it is head down, it seems to be kinda sideways. I know there is still time for baby to do lots of flips in there, but I’ll feel better when I know it is head down.

Oh, Baby - 31 Week Update

Weight Gained

No weigh-in this week.


Nothing new here. Except I did walk a 5k with Avery this weekend. It was the Lunar 5k, a fundraiser for Hosparus, and everyone was dressed like superheroes. Obviously, Avery loved it. It was fun because Kevin ran while we walked so we were able to see him run past us on his way back and then he came to meet us and walk the rest of the way. It was rougher than I expected – my belly felt really tight and crampy through most of the race. It wasn’t like contractions, it was continuous, but it was very uncomfortable. I just made sure to drink lots of water during and after the walk and took it slow when I needed to.

Oh, Baby - 31 Week Update

Pregnancy Symptoms

My acne is out of control! I did not have this problem in my first pregnancy, and I feel like all the remedies I am trying are making it worse. It’s so hard to just leave it alone, though! It’s on both sides of my nose and all over my chin. I know it’s hormonal, but I’m really trying to find something that will keep it under control without making my skin all red and irritated. If I figure it out, I’ll be sure to let you know. 🙂

Food Aversions

Not really. I’ve been feeling pretty good in this area this week. Still eating lots of salads and fresh veggies. Hoping that nausea doesn’t come back before this is all over.

Food Cravings

Pretty much the same as last week. I still want ice cream once or twice a week, but most nights I am so tired and full (because of my squished stomach) that I just want to lie down and go to bed. I made my banana soft serve this week and I like it just as well as regular ice cream. Just like at the beginning of my pregnancy, I am totally obsessed with eggs. We made these egg muffins this week with yellow squash from the garden!

Oh, Baby - 31 Week Update



This is getting progressively worse. 🙁 If I lie on my right side, my entire right arm falls asleep and then I get freaked out and wake up and can’t go back to sleep because my hand and arm are all tingly. So now I try to only sleep on my left side, but then I am sore when I wake up from lying in the same position all night. I just keep reminding myself there is a squishy little baby at the end of all this.

Looking Forward to

Getting through the next few weeks so I can say I only have four weeks until baby gets here. I know it seems silly, but when I get under that four week mark, it’ll really feel like it’s almost here.

Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases

No, but Raise Them Well did send me their fabulous all-natural hand sanitizer spray to try out! It can be used on hands or surfaces (like, ahem, grocery carts), so I’m sure I’ll be using it a ton when baby gets here.

Oh, Baby - 31 Week Update

Any Pregnancy Dreams

No. Answering this question every week is starting to make me feel like a bad mom.

Any Baby Movement?

Constantly. And I’ve been feeling lots of hiccups!

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