Oh, Baby – 30 Weeks

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 Oh, Baby - 30 Week Update

Baby Updates

Last week my baby was a cabbage. This week it is a cucumber. I feel like a cabbage is bigger than a cucumber. I’m starting to think they are just making this stuff up. But, as long as the baby is growing, I don’t care. 🙂 I did have my 30 week appointment this week – I got the all clear on my blood sugar numbers (yea!) so no more pricking my finger four times a day. Heartbeat sounded good and the baby is kinda sideways right now, which I already assumed based on where I was feeling all the punches and kicks.

Oh, Baby - 30 Week Update

Weight Gained

About 163, still right on track for the same 40# weight gain I had last time.


Still lots of walking! I’ve noticed, too, that I don’t have to do my physical therapy exercises every single day to keep my back in order. I can do them every other day and do yoga on the days in between and feel just fine. I love this prenatal yoga video because it incorporates some pelvic floor exercises with the other strength and stretching movements. Mostly, I just spend a lot of time walking and playing with Avery at the zoo, on his bike, at the splash park…stuff like that.

Oh, Baby - 30 Week Update

Pregnancy Symptoms

Acne, a little bit of heart burn, and I’ve been very sleepy at night. Like, going to bed right after we put Avery to bed sleepy.

Food Aversions

Still just not many foods sound good. My stomach feels so squished that even though I know I need to eat, not much sounds good. And if I eat too much, I don’t feel very good after.

Food Cravings

Now that I feel like my stomach can’t hold much food, the cravings have definitely died down. Now I only want ice cream 2 or 3 times a week instead of every night! 😉


I get tired super-early, but then I just toss and turn most of the night. I am so tired of sleeping on my side.

Looking Forward to

Getting the last few things done before the baby gets here. We need a few things, but mostly just to get the room all ready and do a few things around the house that I know will get neglected once we have two little ones running around.

Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases

None this week. We need to get on that.

Any Pregnancy Dreams

No, I am starting to feel guilty answering “no” to this question every week. Some studies show that baby might be dreaming, though, so maybe the baby is dreaming about me.

Any Baby Movement?

Yes, and I can feel different body parts poking out all the time. Mostly the feet, hands and butt.

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