Oh, Baby – 18 Weeks

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Oh, Baby - 18 Week Update

Baby Updates

Kevin thinks it’s creepy to see the little alien baby in the Sprout Pregnancy app each week, but I think it’s kinda cool. I like seeing it look more and more like a cuddly baby (and less like a tadpole) each week!

Oh, Baby - 18 Week Update

Weight Gained

About 151 or 152, officially 20 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. I don’t think I’ll be gaining between 30-35 pounds, but I’m going to try and stay close to the 40 pound range.


None, which is a TOTAL bummer. I am trying to stay positive and know that I am doing what is best for my body, but not exercising is so frustrating for me. I enjoy exercise and it is a good outlet for anger/frustration for me, too. I’ve been visiting my physical therapist once a week and I’ve been doing my homework (aka physical therapy exercises) twice a day. I have good days and bad days, usually if I overdo it and walk too much or do a bunch of yard work (we planted our veggie garden this week!). I am really hoping I can get this under control so I can get back to CrossFit and teaching my Aqua Fitness classes.

Oh, Baby - 18 Week Update

I have been doing lots of walking and I did get Avery out for one nice bike ride at the park one day!

Oh, Baby - 18 Week Update

Pregnancy Symptoms

Same old, same old. Back pain and burping. 🙂

Food Aversions

I can’t deal with any kind of milk so I haven’t been putting coconut milk in my coffee or having any kind of milk and cereal.

Food Cravings

Oh, Baby - 18 Week Update

My one true love is ice cream. I’ve had no other cravings, but it is a fight not to have ice cream every single night. Luckily, banana soft serve is a great stand in! Speaking of food, if you are raising your own little real food family, be sure to check out this FREE 45-minute webinar + FREE ebook from The Paleo Mom when you sign up to learn more about The Paleo Family Toolkit. The toolkit will be on sale from May 4-9, but you can get these freebies today just by visiting the site to learn more.

Paleo Family Toolkit


Depends on how bad my back hurts. Some nights I can get pretty comfy, but if my back is bad it also sends shooting pains down my legs and it keeps me up all night. I just keep reminding myself that this too shall pass.

Looking Forward to

Our anatomy scan! Only two more weeks!

Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases

None this week, but our big IKEA trip is next week!

Any Pregnancy Dreams

No, just more super-weird dreams!

Any Baby Movement?

Just little kicks and sometimes a butterfly feeling in my stomach, maybe it is doing somersaults in there?

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