Oh, Baby – 17 Weeks

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Oh, Baby - 16 Week Update

Baby Updates

According to the Sprout Pregnancy app, my baby is about the size of a pear. I actually prefer this app because it shows what the baby actually looks like, as opposed to me trying to guess what it looks like in relation to a fruit. 🙂 Isn’t he (or she) cute?

Oh, Baby - 17 Week Update

Weight Gained

Finally over 150, nearing the twenty pound mark. I weighed myself a few times this week and it was always between 150 and 151. Speaking of weight, my latest article for POPSUGAR Moms was all about the many, many, many comments I’ve gotten on my big ol’ baby bump.


Actually, I was sidelined a bit this week…womp womp. I had the same issues during my last pregnancy, but the shift in my pelvis from my ligaments loosening and carrying so much extra weight up front is causing me some major back, hip and leg pain. I did do one CrossFit workout and taught my Aqua Fit classes, but I took it easy other than that until I can see a physical therapist and try to work this out. I did do a ton of walking this week, though, since it has been so nice outside. We live close enough to the Y, library, coffee shop, etc. that I was able to forgo the car most of this week!

Pregnancy Symptoms

Other than the debilitating back pain, not much. 🙂 I’m noticing that the size of my belly is making it difficult for me to get comfortable even sitting on the couch. It’s hard to find positions that don’t smoosh the belly. I also still have the occasional meal that will leave me feeling pretty sick and burp-y afterwards, but mostly I’ve been feeling good…finally!

I am in straight up nesting mode, too! This week alone, I cleaned the refrigerator inside and out, wiped down the whole kitchen and cleaned up under the kitchen sink.

Oh, Baby - 17 Week Update

Food Aversions

Nothing new here. I can’t really eat carbs on their own (cereal, etc.) because it makes me feel sick, but I’ve been feeling good and eating pretty much how I normally eat. I still can’t eat from that jar of peanut butter that was in the house when I started feeling sick, though, and I’ll never be able to buy that brand again.

Food Cravings

Ice cream. 🙂 Now that I am back home with Avery most days and we’ve been looking for super-quick lunches, I’ve been digging this Beef and Vegetable Soup from True Primal. They sent me a few cans to try out and it has been so nice to have around when we’ve been running around all morning and need a quick lunch.

Oh, Baby - 17 Week Update


Worse, now, with the back pain. I just try not to stay up too late so I can make up for all the tossing and turning.

Looking Forward to

Feeling more baby kicks. I get them every once in a while, but it’s more fun when you can feel it all the time.

Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases

No. I have figured out everything we need, and my mom did get us a new carseat and base, but we are waiting on most of the items until it gets a little closer.

Any Pregnancy Dreams

No. I can’t believe I’ve had hardly any pregnancy/baby dreams this time!

Any Baby Movement?

Still just little kicks occasionally, nothing you can see or feel from the outside yet.

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