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Green Bean Delivery


What is Green Bean Delivery?

In a nutshell, Green Bean Delivery is a home grocery delivery service which provides fresh, organic, locally grown produce and natural meat, dairy, dry goods and other grocery items in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Missouri. Each week (or every other week, if you choose) you to create a custom bin of produce and grocery products and Green Bean delivers them to your home. They even have different bin sizes so you can choose the amount of produce and groceries that works best for your family. I’ve used Green Bean Delivery in the past…my Berrylicious Fruit Pizza even won runner up in their recent #PlateProud recipe contest…and I love the service! I don’t use it much in the summer months because we have a pretty awesome farmers’ market here in New Albany, but I’ve used Green Bean Delivery on and off in the winter months because it is such a convenient option for fresh, organic groceries. It doesn’t get much more convenient than having a green bin of food delivered straight to your doorstep on a Friday afternoon!


Green Bean Delivery Box


I haven’t always been consistent with it because, like I said, we have a great farmers’ market within walking distance of our house, and I have a tendency to get a little “trigger happy” and add a few things to my basket that I really don’t need (hello, chocolate covered almonds). So when they offered to send me a bin and check out some of their new offerings, I was more than happy to jump at the chance and share what I found with you. A lot of the produce is priced the same as what I would pay at the grocery store or the farmers’ market, and some of the produce items are a bit more expensive, but you are saving yourself a trip to the grocery store and they have a great selection of organic, locally grown produce. I think it’s worth the tradeoff. The produce is just the beginning, though…

Green Bean Delivery goes Paleo (and gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian)!


Green Bean Delivery - Fresh, Local, Organic Grocery Delivery


Confused? Don’t be! This is one of the best parts about Green Bean Delivery! Each week when you customize your order, you will first choose your produce and then you head to the grocery section and choose from their huge selection of natural foods. You can browse through the categories; dairy & eggs, meat & fish, etc. or you can choose from their extensive list of speciality categories. With just the click of a button you can choose from certified organic, gluten free, vegan, kosher, vegetarian or Paleo friendly options. Here is a little peek at some of the gluten free options:


Green Bean Delivery Gluten Free


Ready to try Green Bean Delivery for yourself?

Getting started is easy. Just visit Green Bean Deliveryfind your location, enter your delivery information, choose your bin size and delivery frequency and start filling your first bin!

I have a questions for you – Do you love grocery shopping or would you rather have your groceries magically show up at your door?
I usually enjoy grocery shopping, as long as it isn’t Sunday afternoon in a packed grocery store where every cart is taken and Avery wants to pick up all the things. 🙂 On weeks like that, it is nice to have some of the shopping already taken care of.

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