Newborn Baby + New Mom Gift Guide

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What do newborn babies really need?

Not much, to be honest. But, now that I’m on my second little bundle of joy, I’ve definitely discovered a few favorites along the way. They need somewhere to sleep, a place to put them down every once in a while, clothes, blankets, diapers, maybe some bottles and a pacifier, and that is about it. Here are a few of my favorite items for caring for a newborn:


Fisher Price Rock ‘n’ Play

This is totally a personal preference thing, but I try not to provide my babies with too many sleep crutches. I am all about doing what you gotta do, but I personally get freaked out when I think that if I put my baby in a swing, he will only be able to fall asleep if there is a swing nearby. I could be totally wrong (and I would love to hear your personal stories!), but that is my fear. This is why I love the Rock ‘n’ Play. You can rock it, but it is really just a nice, cozy place for baby to sleep or hang out when you need your hands free. We plan to keep Norrin in his Rock ‘n’ Play until we are ready to move him out of our room and into his crib in the nursery.

Solly Baby Wrap

Newborn Baby + New Mom Gift Guide - Solly Baby Wrap

I am OBSESSED with my Solly Baby! I was so intimidated by wrap carriers when I had Avery that I never tried one. I heard a lot of great things about the Solly Baby and they were kind enough to send me one to try out. I use it multiple times a day now with Norrin. It is by far my favorite carrier for the baby stage (it can be used up until about 12 months). It is light-weight, stretchy, easy to wrap, and Norrin fits in there so nice and snug. He is happy to just hang out in there so I can have both hands to available to do chores or play with Avery. He falls asleep so easily in there, too. I can just tuck his head in and he will nap forever. 🙂

MAM Pacifiers

These are my favorite pacifiers. Avery never took a pacifier, but Norrin looooves his. It really helps to soothe him when he is fussy or tired. Again, this one is personal preference, but MAM pacifiers work really well for us. He can keep them in his mouth pretty easily and they even glow in the dark so I can find them easily if he loses it at night.

Fawn and Finn Pacifier Clips

Newborn Baby + New Mom Gift Guide - Fawn and Finn Pacifier Clips

Are these not the cutest pacifier clips? We were losing pacifiers left and right, but I didn’t like the pacifier clips at the store so I headed straight for Etsy. 🙂 I found these pacifier clips from Fawn and Finn that are made from silicone teething beads, and you can choose from all kinds of color combos to make an adorable, custom clip. They were super responsive and even surprised me with their own color combo when I couldn’t decide. We bought two – I keep one on Norrin’s bouncy chair and the other on the carseat strap so we are never far from a pacifier. From what I can tell, these would work with most any pacifier brand.


Now what about mama?

In my opinion, mamas need far more to (somewhat) comfortably survive the newborn months than babies do. 🙂 Most of these have to do with breastfeeding. Norrin is two and a half months old now, so I don’t spend quite as much time on the couch nursing him as I did when he was first born, but I still spend a big part of my day holding him, helping him to sleep, or feeding him. If you are spending that much time in bed or on the couch, you want to be comfortable, and you want nursing to be as easy and enjoyable as possible for both you and your baby. Here is what I have been loving lately:

Boppy Nursing Pillow

Everyone has their favorite, but I am partial to the Boppy Pillow. It is just the right size for me and I like the soft, fuzzy cover it comes with. I also like that the cover zips off so I can wash it if Norrin spits up or if I, you know, spill salad all over it while trying to eat and nurse at the same time. 🙂 When he is a little bigger, I can also use it to help prop him up and practice sitting up, too.

Camelbak Eddy Leakproof Straw Bottle

I actually packed these bottles in my hospital bag so that I wouldn’t constantly be asking the nurse to refill my cup of water. I am constantly thirsty when I am breastfeeding, and these bottles are leakproof and you can flip the top open with one hand, so they are great to have nearby when you are nursing. I keep one with me pretty much all the time, and I keep the other upstairs by my bed at night.

Nursing Tops

Newborn Baby + New Mom Gift Guide - Bun Maternity Cozy Nursing Hoodie

With Avery, I didn’t really have nursing tops. I wore a nursing bra and did the “one shirt up, one shirt down” method to stay somewhat covered. This time, I am all about the nursing tops! They make nursing so simple and they are sooo cute. Most of my nursing tops don’t even look like nursing clothes. My absolute favorites are my Le Lait shirt from Milk & Baby and my Cozy Nursing Hoodie from Bun Maternity. I also really like the Long Sleeve Swing Nursing Tee from Bun Maternity. As a Brand Enthusiast for Milk & Baby/VIJA Design, I’ve been able to try out a lot of their items and just this week I received a super-cute nursing dress that I plan to wear to Kevin’s work Christmas Party next week. I’ll share pictures once I get a chance to try it out.


Newborn Baby + New Mom Gift Guide - VIJA Design Cami + Bandeau Set

Okay, I didn’t even know this was a thing, but I kept Norrin wrapped up in my VIJA Design skin-to-skin tops all the time when we first came home from the hospital. They were especially helpful because I had a c-section and I wasn’t supposed to lift anything heavier than my baby for the first six weeks. When we took trips out of the house, I would pop him into my Skin-to-Skin Cami and Bandeau shirt instead of lugging around the carseat. At home, I would wrap him up in my Organic Cotton Halter Wrap to help soothe him to sleep while I lounged/recovered. I would highly recommend these for any new mom.

Now I want to hear from you!

Let’s help each other out! What are your favorite gifts for newborns and new moms? Let me know in the comments and Happy Holidays! 😉



Some of the items featured in this gift guide were provided to me for review and some were personally purchased by me, but I was not compensated monetarily for any of these items. These reviews are 100% my own opinion.

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