Everything Weeknight Paleo Cookbook Review – Hundreds of Quick and Easy Paleo Recipes and a Giveaway!!

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The number one complaint I hear from people who are new to the paleo diet is that they don’t have the time to spend in the kitchen cooking. This is a totally understandable barrier when you are used to waking up in the morning to a bowl of cereal, eating a sandwich for lunch, picking up a quick dinner on the way home and eating pre-packaged snacks throughout the day.

Trust me, I get it. I used to eat Lean Pockets for dinner. I didn’t understand why anyone would spend more than the two minutes and thirty seconds that it takes to heat up a Lean Pocket to make dinner. Obviously, my thoughts on that subject have changed just a teeny bit, but we are all busy and it can be difficult to find time to cook healthy, delicious meals.

Luckily, there are plenty of tips and tricks to make this transition easier. Using a meal planning calendar like the one I have available here (scroll about halfway down the page) can ensure you know exactly what you will be making each day so you aren’t digging through the refrigerator at the last minute and it will also help you build your grocery list for the week.

If you are new to paleo, though, you will need some quick and simple meal ideas to get you started. That is where the Everything Weeknight Paleo Cookbook comes in! This book, written by Michelle Fagone of Cave Girl Cuisine, has 300 delicious paleo recipes that your whole family will love!

The book starts with a quick introduction to the paleo diet and is then separated out into different chapters for

  • Appetizers and Snacks
  • Sauces and Spreads
  • Salads and Dressings
  • Stocks, Soups and Stews
  • Beef, Pork and Lamb
  • Poultry
  • Fish and Seafood
  • Sides
  • Children’s Favorites
  • Grilling Time
  • Additional Paleo Resources
When I received this book from Michelle, I immediately started to flip through it. The recipes are well written and the nutrition information is provided for each. I was super excited to see that there are even some baby food recipes, as we are just introducing solids to Baby A. I dug right in and made the Curried Chicken Salad the very next day after receiving the book. It was quick, easy and delicious! I served it in butter lettuce cups with a side of roasted broccoli.


I was so impressed with this salad that I made another salad from the book later in the week. This time, we tried the Salmon-Spinach Salad, which is a mix of spinach, grapes, carrots, almonds and raspberries topped with a salmon filet. Kevin even made a tasty raspberry vinaigrette to go with it and we served it all up with a side of sautéed asparagus.


Some of the other recipes on my list to make are the Sausage and Spicy Eggs, the Beef and Coconut Curry and Chipotle-Lime Mashed Sweet Potatoes.  It all looks so good!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post, but did receive a complimentary review copy of the book. All opinions are 100% my own and I would never share a product or service with you that I haven’t purchased or used myself. Purchase links are affiliate links and I do earn a small commission from your purchase, which helps me to keep this blog running.

41 Responses

  1. Kylee

    Prep fruit and veggies on Sunday for the week! Make snack packs of a trail mix that can easily be grabbed during the week if I am out and about.

  2. Sheena

    I would love this cookbook!! I have for kiddos so it is such a task trying to get dinner in the oven during the week with tons of sports and after school activities!! A few recipes to help e do that would be fabulous!!

  3. Heather Heltzinger

    Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with trying to cook something that isn't boring on a week night— but all you need is some coconut oil, veggies and meat with some S&P and spices and dinner can be great!

  4. Stephanie G.

    I have two kids that our doctor recommended us switch to Paleo for. Homemade breakfasts and school lunches would be impossible to get done in time without a meal plan for the week! Also, I like to make muffins with eggs, and whatever choice of precooked meat on my free days to reheat in a hurry a day or 2 later.

  5. Anonymous

    Planning meals sometimes gets a little tricky. I don't want to get in a rut and make the same things over and over. I like to try new things that taste amazing.

  6. Xenia S

    Need to plan ahead just starting on this journey and yes it is hard to just "do it on the fly" Doing my first Whole30 in Feb so this will certainly help!

  7. Stephanie G.

    Having 2 kids who were put on a Paleo diet by their doctor makes having a meal plan essential. I also like to make ahead breakfasts on my free days that can be easily and quickly reheated on rushed school days.

  8. Unknown

    Have ingredients like meat or veggies pre-split into the amount you need. Freeze. Then when you need to whip up a meal, just pull out what you need and start cooking

  9. PlusSizeChic

    Been paleo for a couple months and last minute meals are getting a little monotonous (I can only eat stir fry so much lol) looking forward to these yummy recipes!

  10. amkj2002

    Best tip is to do some batch cooking. If you double or triple what you make you can freeze some or have leftovers for a busy night.

  11. Carrie

    One thing that helps me is having paleo muffins or pancakes made ahead. It is great to have something quick for my 3 kids who seem like they are always hungry. 🙂

  12. Morgan Goins

    Take a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon to prep! I usually make a dozen hard-boiled eggs, snack packs of raw veggies & olives for each day for me and my husband, a breakfast casserole to last the week and anything else we need "special" for the week – spice mixes, bone broth, mayonnaise. I also stick strictly to a meal plan and my amazing husband starts dinner many nights so I can hit the gym. 🙂 It is so great being able to say, "Here is what we're having and here is the recipe!"

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