Coco-nutty Frozen Blueberries

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I have a special treat for you today…a sneak peek at one of the brand new recipes I created for the upcoming The Everything Paleo Pregnancy Book: The All-Natural, Nutritious Plan for a Healthy Pregnancy! I think it is so helpful, … Continued

Persian Style Lamb Stuffed Bell Peppers

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“Helping” mommy in the kitchen. Now that my little explorer is getting into everything, my time in the kitchen is often interrupted as I pull him away from the dog food or try to stop him from climbing the stairs. … Continued

Hatch Green Chile and Apple Stuffed Chicken

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Another green chile recipe for you today thanks to the abundance of Hatch green chiles sent to me by the Hatch Chile Store. I still have two pounds and I’ve already made this Green Chile Sauce, a Green Chile Turkey Meatloaf and … Continued