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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Whole30 Days 28-30

Well, we've finally come to the end, but to me it seems more like a beginning. I am ready to take what I learned over the past 30 days and put it into practice for myself without any Whole30 rules or guidelines to bind me. I don't feel like my way of eating will change much from the way I have been eating this past month. I plan to do a full recap of my thoughts later this week. I will also post my eats from my first day post-Whole30 so you can see that I didn't totally go off the rails as soon as I was set free into the world. :)

So here is a rundown (again, short and sweet) of my meals and snacks from the last few days of my Whole30 journey...

Day 27

Breakfast - Everyday Paleo Southwestern Frittata
Lunch - Mixed vegetable salad topped with grilled chicken
Snack - Mixed berries and walnuts
Dinner - Grilled ham steaks, grilled pear, roasted asparagus and zucchini

Day 28

Breakfast (after a 45 minute spin class and a one mile run - tri training in ful effect!)
                  -Bacon and eggs with stir fried onions, peppers, shredded carrot and broccoli slaw
                  -Green Smoothie with mango, pineapple, banana, green tea, coconut milk and spinach

Lunch - Fire roasted bell peppers and onions, sweet potato and leftover beef roast

Dinner - Beef roast, green beans and sweet potato toped with olive salad

Day 30 (this is it!!)

Pre-workout snack - Banana

Breakfast (after a 30 minute swim) - Leftover stir fried peppers, onions and shredded carrot and broccoli slaw, two mini burgers and half an avocado

Lunch - Salad from McCallister's (probably not perfect, but the best I could find) with chopped ham and salami, cucumber, tomatoes, onions and olives

Snack - Apple and almonds

Dinner (after an evening of CrossFitting) - Broiled fish and sweet potatoes topped with roasted tomatillo salsa and roasted tomatoes and squash

Snack - instead of reaching for a bowl of fruit or other sweet treat, when I found that I was still hungry after dinner I reached for a second helping of fish and veggies. I think I've been brainwashed! :)


  1. When do we hear the results of the of the baked goods entered at the fair!?

    1. Sadly, we didn't win anything. I was really hoping for a win for healthy eating, but I guess it wasn't meant to be this time. There is always next year....

  2. Haha was rigged! You were jipped! :)