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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Whole30 Day 2

I can do anything for two days. This way of eating really isn't that different from how I have been eating since starting Paleo. The biggest difference for me is my snacking. It is easy for me to do a lot of mindless snacking between work and dinner and after dinner when I am reading or relaxing with Kevin. Being on this Whole30 forces me to be even more mindful of the food I eat than I already was and I think that will be a good thing for me.

Day two started out with a HUGE Blueberry Pumpkin Protein Smoothie, recipe to come soon. I needed some hefty fuel for our bike ride to work. Of course, we walked to the coffee shop for my morning Iced Americano fix and then I headed to work.

Lunch was leftover from last night's dinner (chicken, tomatillo sauce and roasted sweet potatoes), but for lunch I served it over a bed of lettuce to stretch the leftovers out a little bit more.

Of course I had to have my snack, which was carrots and almond butter. Sounds like a weird combo, but it is oddly tasty.

We rode our bikes home without being pelted by rain and showered up for a little date night. We started at Feast, a new barbecue restaurant near our house. I am not embarrassed to say I ordered the Teddy Roosevelt, which includes two meats, two sides and slaw. I had brisket and chicken and ordered two side salads as my sides. Everything was delivered to my table in about four different containers and I proceeded to dump everything out onto my plate and made one giant salad. Oh, and they have vinegar slaw, which is awesome, because I love slaw. I cleaned my plate/giant tray of salad without any problem.

Our next stop for date night was the new Batman movie. I usually treat myself to something special for movie nights - dark chocolate covered almonds or Trader Joe's popcorn with salt and olive oil. But those are both no-no's right now so I went for dried apricots and almonds. I probably could have survived without a treat, but I like my snacks. The movie wasn't too bad, either. :)


  1. Wow, everything looks awesome! I for one am super excited to get back to basics on Monday with clean eating. We're having a big BBQ tomorrow, so it may get a little fuzzy, but I'll call it a 'bon voyage' to the SAD.

    ...I couldn't help but notice you're using a wired Apple keyboard with number pad. This makes me very happy. (Feel free to DM for clarification)


    1. I can start taking more pictures of my keyboard if you would like. :)
      Enjoy your BBQ!

  2. I love that you're telling us everything you eat. It's like I'm nosey and I want to know... so thanks!

    1. Haha :) I always find it super helpful when I can see how others are making Paleo or the Whole30 work for them so I am happy to share!

  3. I can attest to the carrots and almond butter tasting good, which is a combo I never had until Whole 30...crunchy, sweet, savory all together makes me happy. Your bbq salad looks sooo amazing too!