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Monday, July 30, 2012

Whole30 Day 11 and Ramblings on Work, School and Life

I woke up MUCH earlier this morning than I would prefer for a Sunday, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I had places to be and people to see. But first, I had five miles to run. I had a Vanilla flavored Gu before my run. Certainly not Whole30 approved, but I have yet to find a good alternative. I knew I could take it right before I headed out the door and it wouldn't upset my stomach. If anyone has found a way to replace Gu's or similar products please let me know. I'd love to find a way to phase them out, but when you are out on the bike or running there aren't many foods that are both portable and easily digestible.

After my run, I put together a quick frittata of leeks, chicken sausage, green bell peppers and eggs. I topped it with the last of the Spicy Tomatillo Sauce from Friday and I was good to go! As you can see, I ate my breakfast in the car. Good thing this is not a safe driving blog because I think I broke one of the cardinal rules. I am in no way advocating eating breakfast in your car. If I were smart I would have just snapped a picture before I left and then I never would have had to tell you about my unsafe driving practices.

The reason I was in such a hurry was because I am starting a new job next week and I had to go in for some training. I haven't said much about it yet, but I will be working at a local healthcare facility that focuses on a holistic approach to medicine, including naturopathic medicine and nutrition counseling. I think it will be a great fit while I am in school, but I have a lot to learn before I start next week so I went in for a couple hours of training. I drank a smoothie and a cup of chamomile tea while I was there.

Now that I think about it, I am not sure that I mentioned I was going back to school! I have asked Kevin over and over how he knew what he wanted to do with his life. He seemed to have figured it out pretty early on, but I never felt like I knew what I was passionate about. Ever since we started to focus more on our health (i.e. stopped eating fake foods) about a year ago I have not been able to stop reading  and talking about healthy eating. Hell, I started a blog about it. So it pretty much goes without saying that I finally found my passion. I realized that I want to make this a part of my life in a big way and started searching out schools that could help make that happen. I want to learn for myself which foods are healthiest and why, I want to learn how foods prevent and reverse disease, and I want take everything I learn and help others. So I researched a bunch of schools and settled on Hawthorn University's Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education program. I will start my first class in a few weeks and I am really looking forward to it. I am actually excited about school, that must be a good sign.

My next stop was Quill's Coffee to meet a new friend. I had a blind friend date (friend blind date?) with  Meagan who blogs over at International Loser. We are both members of a group called Healthy Living Blogs and found out we lived in the same area so we decided to meet up. Healthy Living Blogs is a great group of bloggers from all over the world who focus on writing about health, fitness and nutrition. I only just recently joined, but since it got me a coffee date I am already loving it! It was the first time I have met another blogger in person and I am happy to have a real life blog friend. We chatted over coffee (Iced Americano for me!) about our blogs and about life in general and made plans to meet up again soon.

It was finally time for lunch and I knew exactly what I wanted. I have made these Pizza Stuffed Sweet Potatoes from Health-Bent a few times already and they are amazing. I made three of them so we would have some for lunch and some for leftovers. Kevin made an awesome Italian salad on the side with a yummy lemony dressing. It was quite a lunch!

After lunch it was off to the pool for my swim. All of this triathlon training is getting in the way of my time watching the Olympics, but hopefully it will pay off in the end. Post-swim snack was a few pieces of dried mango. 

And then I took total control of the kitchen and went full on crazy prepping food for the coming week. As you can see from the picture I really went to work. I shredded sweet potato and zucchini for breakfasts, roasted sweet potatoes and butternut squash, made a beef roast in the crock pot and made an arugula pesto. I also made a simple and delicious apple sauce that I saw on Chow Bella's blog during her Whole30. You can find the recipe here

Dinner was salmon and roasted veggies topped with Kevin's famous chipotle guacamole. It was just what I needed after a day of hard workouts. We stayed up late watching the Olympics so I started feeling a little snacky and had an apple with almond butter. 

Have you been watching the Olympics? What is your favorite sport to watch? I love beach volleyball, swimming, cycling and the track and field events.


  1. I have very much enjoyed following your Whole30 journey and reading the daily posts. It sounds like great things are happening for you, Tarah! What an exciting time! Your snack ideas have helped us out, not to mention all the new recipe ideas you are giving us. The Okra Beef Stew is in the crockpot now and smelling very yummy. I think I may have to start a "What I Gather" cookbook. :)

    1. Aww, thanks! Well, I love to snack so I've got to mix it up! Our okra plant in the backyard is starting to produce some okra so maybe next time I make it the okra will come from right out back!