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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Whole30 Day 10

We woke up bright and early Saturday morning because I am a huge nerd and wanted to get our bike ride out of the way so I could park my butt on the couch and watch the Olympics all day. I had a small bowl of blueberries, shredded coconut and coconut milk before our ride.

We rode close to 30 miles so when we got home it was time for breakfast #2 which was MUCH bigger than breakfast #1. I made this Poblano Breakfast Hash from Fresh Habits. I topped it with some of the Spicy Tomatillo Sauce that we made yesterday. I may or may not have gone back for seconds. 

Breakfast #2 didn't happen until about 12:00pm so it was basically lunch. So, instead of an actual lunch, I made a bowl of blackberries (fresh from the farmers market that morning!), banana, and almond butter to hold me over until dinner.

Words cannot describe this dinner, but I am a blogger so I'll give it a try. This meal is my new obsession. Gordon Biersch Brewery opened in Louisville a few months ago and I don't usually get exited about any new chain restaurants that open around here, but this is an exception. Kevin discovered this treasure and now we eat there at least once a week. 

We order the Farmhouse Burger, which is a burger, smothered in bacon jam and topped with an over-easy egg. They serve it with arugula and tomato and I always order asparagus as my side dish. I also ordered a house salad because it was really my only second meal of the day and I was hungry.

When I originally asked our server what "bacon jam" was he told me it was bacon cooked in bacon fat and I thought that was pretty much awesome. But Kevin and I were discussing it last night, and I think it tastes like there are some other things in there. Maybe sugar or maple syrup or something. I definitely saw onions and tasted spices so I think I need to ask again. I try to always ask what is in certain dishes because menus can be deceiving, but then I just have to trust whatever the server tells me.

So I've been doing this Whole30 for a week and a half and my sugar has been limited to a couple servings of fruit per day and maybe a Lara Bar every once in a while. For about the first five days I had this nagging, dull headache and I wasn't sure why, but I am pretty convinced now that it was a bit of sugar withdrawal. Which surprised me because I already felt that my sugar intake was pretty low, but now it couldn't get much lower so I think my body just has a little WTF? moment. After a few days it faded away, but I remember feeling the same way when I stopped drinking Diet Sunkist.

I had a major Diet Sunkist habit and when I first tried to quit I just went cold turkey. BIG mistake. It was the week from hell. I was tired, headachy and I couldn't concentrate on anything for more than 5 seconds. My caffeine boycott lasted a few months, but then the Diet Sunkist snuck back into my life. After a couple of years I decided again to quit and this time I phased it out slowly. I went from two or three a day to one a day and then one every other day over the course of a couple weeks. That made the transition much easier when I stopped drinking it altogether. That was a bit of a detour fro my original point, which was that I am curious if anyone else has gone through "withdrawals" during a Whole30.

I've also noticed that my cravings for junk food have gone way up this past week! I hate to say it, but I keep thinking about Skittles, candy corn and chocolate. Oh and cake with thick, sugary frosting. Don't forget the cake. Normally, you can put me in the middle of a birthday party and I barely notice there is a cake there at all. Again, I think these cravings can be attributed to the removal of most sugars from my diet. My body is just adjusting and hopefully the cravings will subside.


  1. One thing I noticed during my multiple Whole30's was that normally I do not eat sweets, sugar, etc...but the minute someone tells me I CAN' out!

    1. Yikes, that is how I have been feeling. Not today, though - I brought a carrot and cucumber snack to work!

  2. When you have coconut milk with berries, what kind of coconut milk are you using? Canned or otherwise? I am in Canada and we don't have a Whole foods or Trader Joe's, so our selections are a bit limited where I am located.

    1. We always buy Trader Joe's because that is where we do all of our shopping and their canned coconut milk has no additives. Most of the brands I have seen at the big chain stores have additives in them, but I did a little research on Paleo Hacks and came across this answer -

      They have a recipe for homemade coconut milk (made from shredded coconut) and also a method for making coconut milk from coconut cream (basically you just add water) and Tropical Traditions has some great coconut cream that you can order online!