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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Here I Am

Allow me to introduce myself. :)

My name is Tarah.

I am 30 years old.

I live in Indiana.

I have one husband and two dogs.

I like to eat.

I love to cook.

I am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

I have been toying with the idea of sharing some of my culinary adventures (and misadventures) for a while now. After discovering the Paleo way of living earlier this year I began to feel a stronger push to share what I was learning with others. I wish I had realized sooner how simple and delicious it could be to fill my body with nutritious, wholesome foods.

I believe that healthy living is a journey-there is always more to learn and more tasty adventures to embark upon. What I Gather is about sharing what I have gathered with you and hopefully gathering even more yummy ideas and helpful health knowledge from you! I want this to be a community where we can all learn, share and grow together. Okay, enough hippie stuff. I'll try to keep that under control. Stay tuned... 


  1. Tarah!!! I'm so proud of you!


    1. Thanks :) I hope you and your family are well!

  2. I would just like the set the record straight about a couple of things. When Tarah was a baby, she loved EVERYTHING! She even liked one of the few fruits that I do not like, cantaloupe. I would cut up cantoloupe for her even though I didn't like the taste or smell of it. Also, she did eat corn and carrots (raw) -- that was the extent of her "vegetables". I didn't push the issue because I thought that eventually she would learn to like them.

    And, if you looked up the word "srong-willed child" in the dictionary, there was a picture of Tarah next to it.

    She also had a very small repertoire of foods in general that she liked and between Tarah and her sister, Erin, we basically had about five dinners that everyone liked, so we had the same things all the time! I longed for the day that we could expand our culinary limits and it has finally happened!

    I'm so proud of Tarah and thankful for Kevin's influence. We can finally eat lots of different foods when we have our weekly dinners together.

    Great blog and graphics (thanks to the artistic genius of Kevin).